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How to save Your Live Videos on Instagram

How to save Your Live Videos on Instagram

Instagram launched its Live feature last year, embracing its popularity and following the footsteps of (partly) Snapchat and Facebook among other social media platforms.

When Instagram released the Live feature, there was something that users felt was missing which was the ability for the Live video broadcaster to save the live video that had been streamed. This was already offered by platforms such as Periscope and Facebook so for many, it was just a question of time before Instagram finally launched it.

Previously, live videos that were broadcasted on Instagram disappeared immediately once the stream was ended.

Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil said that Instagram wanted to make people feel less intimidated by the fact that the live video is saved forever. He motivated the decision of not letting users be able to save live video by saying “You can be comfortable because you know they’re not going to stick around”.

Now to the main question.

How to save Your Live Videos on Instagram

Instagram have now released the feature that many of their users asked for which is the ability to save Live videos after they have been ended so they don’t disappear out in the universe of internet.

To begin with, you have to broadcast a Live video on Instagram from your account to be able to save it. That means that no one else than you have the ability to save your Live video that you are broadcasting.

To broadcast a Live video, simply select the camera that is located in the top left corner when you are at your “feed” screen where you can see the content from the people you are following (as seen in the image below.

Instagram Live video

When you have finished broadcasting your live video, you’ll see an option to save that video in the top right corner.

Tap that button and the live video you just broadcasted will be stored on your device’s local camera roll or gallery location. This depends if you are using an IOS or Android device.

Can’t see your video in your camera roll?

You shouldn’t worry too much. It might take a while for the video to be saved, especially if it’s a long video.

This Instagram update have been met with a lot of happy users as the person broadcasted it is able to save it forever while it completely disappears from the app and is nowhere to be seen by other users.

If you would like to upload the live video you have been broadcasting, simply choose the “golden moment” of your live video and upload it as a regular video on your Instagram account.

Only the video will be saved

When you save the live video, only the video itself will be saved, meaning that you won’t be able to see comments or likes in the video you have saved.

How can I get this feature?

If you don’t have this feature yet when you are using Instagram, make sure you have updated the Instagram app to the latest version (10.12) where it was released.

If this still doesn’t work, try updating your phone’s operating system software.

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