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How to use Influencer Marketing to Market Your Website

How to use Influencer Marketing to Market Your Website

It’s not just Search Engine Optimization that can drive your traffic to your website, make it well-known and ultimately help you get conversions.

Influencer marketing is another way of doing so.

People are starting to turn to turn to individual people who are trusted individuals in their industry for advice, instead of going directly to the brands. That’s because people tend to trust influencers more because they are independent third parties giving recommendations based on their own opinions, and not with an agenda of always selling – as brands have.

In this article, we’ll, therefore, talk about How to use Influencer Marketing to Market Your Website, how to increase website traffic with the help of it and how to ultimately boost your sales by making conversions.

How to use Influencer Marketing to Market Your Website

1. Identify your audience and their habits

Because you will be working with influencers on social media, knowing your audience and their habits is essential for a successful campaign.

This lets you understand which platform your audience spends most of their time on, and what kind of influencers they are following.

By carefully studying the case, you will hopefully be able to learn what kind of content they respond well to, based on what the influencer is sharing.

“Marketing gives you exposure but influencer marketing gives you credibility and trust.”

By knowing your audience’s habits on social media, and the biggest influencers in your industry, you can get a better understanding of how your audience responds to various content.

There are a variety of different online tools that you can use to find and study influencers in your niche, and our influencer directory Veloce Network lets you filter influencers based on your niche, demographics of the influencer, followers amount and much more, so you can find the best influencers in your industry, with the biggest impact, in a matter of seconds, and then study them closer, to learn how they impact their audience (which is your target audience.

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2. Identify your ideal influencer

You can’t talk about influencer marketing without speaking of identifying influencers.

That’s because they play such a vital role in how your campaign performs.

When you have understood your target audience and their habits, it’s time to understand the influencers they look up to and their habits.

Different influencers can do different things for your brand, and some might be good at some things while less good at other.

Maybe you solely want to increase website traffic, or maybe you want to build brand awareness around your website. Your main marketing objectives with the campaign should be reflected in the influencer you work with.

There are a ton of different criteria that you want to take into consideration when choosing an influencer.

For example:

How many followers should they have? More followers don’t necessarily mean a bigger impact and better results. Micro-influencers (with a following of up to 50K) have shown time and time over that they are able to generate tremendous results simply because they have an extremely high engagement level and a close connection to their followers. In other words, their followers listen to every word the micro-influencer have to say.

The best part is that micro-influencers are extremely cost-effective. While larger corporates might spend millions on a single ad post from Kylie Jenner, they might have found more success by partnering up with 100 or even 500 micro-influencers, because that’s how cost-effective they are. Some even satisfy with only a product sample.

“Brands often target women celebrities as influencers and don’t realize that most of their followers often consist of men”

Where should they be from? Of course, you should try to find influencers with an audience that is from your ideal country. Let’s say you only sell products in the US. Targeting influencers where most of their followers are from the USA is a must.

However, do have in mind that just because the influencer is from a certain country doesn’t mean that their followers are as well. If you would like to know more about the influencer’s audience, you can ask them to send you insights of their follower base.

Male or Female? Does it matter? If you’re selling bikinis, working with a woman influencer is the obvious way to go. If it doesn’t matter, try to find the most suitable influencers based on the other points mentioned here and try to understand which of them speaks your brand message best.

3. Find influencer

Once you’ve identified your ideal influencer, it’s time to find them.

Back in the days when influencer marketing was a baby, finding influencers was difficult.

Brands had to actively search for the influencers by reading forums, searching blogs and scan social media for suitable partners.

Now, however, the opportunities are completely different.

Those who were early to the party didn’t have a lot to choose from.

First of, the number of influencers were very low, and secondly, they were very expensive because the competition was low.

Often times, brands had to satisfy working with celebrities, but as you can imagine, only the big fish could afford to work with those.

But now, you have the Veloce Influencer Network. Veloce Influencer Network is a directory with thousands of the leading influencers on social media, focused on small and mid-size businesses.

The directory simplifies your search for suitable influencers tremendously. Simply influencers based on your preferred criteria such as:

  • Niche
  • Follower count
  • Social media platform
  • Gender
  • Demographics

How to use Influencer Marketing to Market Your Website

Click search, and the search result will present you with the most relevant influencers based on the criteria you chose.

All of this to ensure you a laser targeted influencers marketing that generates the highest ROI possible.

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4. Which platform should you use?

There are influencers on all social media platforms, so finding them across the platforms won’t be an issue.

The big question is: which do you want to choose?

Because you’re looking to market your website and ultimately increase conversions, working with influencers who have a blog sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

On Instagram, for example, you can not add website links in the captions of a post. The only place to add a link is in the bio, and many influencers are not too happy to do that. Unless you pay them, of course.

On blogs, however, the influencers can write about your brand in a blog post and link to your website freely. Apart from the fact that you’ll get direct traffic from the links you’re getting, you’ll also get a backlink to your website, which is one of the criteria Google uses to rank a website in the search results. So by working with a lot of blogging influencers, you can get great results long after the partnership ends because you have improved your Google ranking and now get more organic traffic.

5.Work with a YouTube influencer

Videos make a huge impact on people, and luckily, there are a ton of YouTube influencers that you can work with.

Partner with an influencer and ask them to make a review of your product, or simply ask them to feature your brand in one of their videos.

The great thing about YouTube videos is that they can also include clickable links in the caption which gives you direct traffic and also helps you rank higher in search engines.

6. Arrange a giveaway

Giveaways are great – especially if you can piggyback off an influencer.

Contests/giveaways often get a lot of traction if you’re giving away a prize that people find appealing, so make sure you offer the winners something that people want.

When it comes to marketing your blog/website with the help of giveaways, it’s all about being strategical.

If you’re a brand, you probably don’t have a following as large as the influencer you’re going to work with, but your efforts combined will make for a giveaway with fantastic results.

As you want to market your website, you want to drive people to it, and that’s exactly what you can do with a giveaway.

For example, have a page on your website where people can fill in their email to join the contest.

Get the influencer to market your giveaway and tell their followers where they can enter the contest. Influencers often love to make giveaways with brands because it makes it seem like they are super generous towards their followers, while not having to give away something themselves. So it’s a win-win!

Track every single click you get from your influencers, so that you know who performs the best. This is highly valuable for your next campaigns, and one of the best methods on How to use Influencer Marketing to Market Your Website.

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