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How to Fully Master Instagram

How to Fully Master Instagram

Now that you have set up your Instagram Account, you have probably also started sharing content, optimized your bio and growing your page.

You might be starting to see results from your efforts but now, you want to fully master Instagram and take your page to the next level and increasing your impact.

Maybe you want to become the leading go-to account within your niche. But how do you achieve that?

Instagram, with its 200 million active users is growing rapidly and today it helps hundreds of thousands of businesses reach a bigger audience and built their brand.

Instagram is a perfect tool for this, especially if your target audience are millenials.

With 60 million photos being uploaded daily, it’s difficult to stand out and cut through the noise.

Never before has it been as easy as today to leave a long-lasting impact on a person with the help of Instagram as 70 percent of the Instagram users are checking Instagram on their phones at least once a day and at the same time, about half of them check the platform multiple times a day.

This is where you have a golden opportunity to gain huge traction for your brand but the million-dollar question remains.

How do you achieve all of that?

In the ever-changing marketing world, regular display ads are rapidly losing its power and impact which has led to a lot of marketers changing their marketing strategies and putting more effort into social media marketing such as Instagram.

It’s not surprising that Instagram can generate such extraordinary marketing results when the platform help brands showcase their products in a creative and new way, with the possibility of only targeting the brand’s true target audience.

Instagram allows you to tell your brand’s story in a unique way which allows you to engage with your audience on a more personal level.

Because the reality is- how well can you engage with your audience with a regular TV display ad?

In this article, I’ll be providing you with the key ingredients on Instagram to fully master the platform and generate tremendous results.

The most important part of Instagram:

One of the most important things on Instagram to reach success is telling a story.

If you ask any of the brands that have reached success on Instagram, you’ll quickly see that all of them knows the importance of storytelling.

The beautiful thing is that you have full control of how you present your brand and tell your story on Instagram.

You decide what feeling you want to mediate on your Instagram, you are the one in charge of creating content that is engaging and unique, YOU are the one in charge of making sure that your message resonates with your target audience.

When you have been using Instagram for a while, you will be able to learn what your followers are expecting from you, what resonates well and what generates the best results.

This is extremely difficult with regular display ads.

With the help of these important yet simple steps, you will be able to fully master Instagram and Instagram and become a valuable resource within your niche.

1. Create your story

Decide on a visual theme and a special feeling you want to mediate to the viewer and aim on providing that in every single piece of content you share.

Remember that you should try to have some sort of connection between your content meaning that if you have decided to use a vintage looking filter on your images, you should avoid posting black and white photos all of a sudden.

People should be able to identify your content with your brand immediately. No matter where they see it.

2. Focus on content

Putting out high-quality is extremely important on social media. Make sure you are posting high-resolution images/videos avoid posting blurry content at any cost.

Master Instagram avoid blurry images

A good way to stand out is to put some effort into editing before posting them.

Instagram have some helpful tools that can enhance your images but if you want to be even more professional, Photoshop will tae your content quality to the next level.

If you can provide your followers with great content, people will begin to use your images and thereby, you’ll influence your whole niche and be seen everywhere.

3. Know when the best time to post is

Knowing when the best time to post is can help you a lot.

Most people don’t know when the best time is meaning that they can miss out on opportunities of reaching an even bigger audience.

if you don’t know the best times to post, the articles below will help you master the best times on Instagram:

When Is The Best Time To Post Photos On Instagram?

When are the Most Active Hours to Post on Instagram?

Posting at peak times will increase your reach and help you grow.

Here’s how:

Posting at peak times will result in a higher engagement as more people will see it. That engagement will translate into Instagram bumping your post higher up on users’ feeds and getting on the Instagram Explore page. This will in turn result in even more engagement on your post and a faster growth.

Posting at the right time is the beginning of a cyclical process.

4. Cross promote

Share your Instagram on your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Most major accounts are doing this and it can help you gain a lot of followers so why wouldn’t you?

5. Build a targeted following

Most people are making the mistake of only looking at the amount of followers, not who the followers are.

It’s nice to have a big following but it’s even better if it’s targeted.

If not, your engagement will be very low and people will unfollow you because they simply aren’t interested in what you have to share.

Make sure you are building a targeted following by using specific keywords as hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

You can also gain targeted followers by engaging with users in your niche and becoming friends with similar accounts as yours.

6. Engage with your followers

Engaging on social media is extremely important. Unfortunately, a lot of people are missing out on this or simply don’t know how to do it effectively.

Begin by liking and commenting on popular photos in your niche.

A good way to find content is by searching for a hashtag that’s relevant to your niche and then checking out the content there.

You can also tag or mention users that are similar to you in your own posts to draw their attention.

7. Reward your followers

A great way to keep your followers interested while showing appreciation is by arranging contests or giveaways for them.

By doing this, you’re not only going to gain followers but you’re also going to make your current followers more engaged.

How to arrange a successful contest on social media will help you get started.


If you put these steps into practice while being patient, great results will show. These steps will soon help you grow a big impact and make you a leading go-to source in your niche.

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