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When are the Most Active Hours to Post on Instagram?

When are the Most Active Hours to Post on Instagram?

Instagram is all about timing. At least if you are a marketer and wish to reach as many people as possible.

As you might know, there are active hours and then there’s not so active hours on Instagram.

If you’re looking to get your post seen by as many people as possible, taking these hours into consideration can be a smart move to gain better results.

Because posting during not so active hours is like handing out flyers in the middle of the night. You will most likely not have very much success.

This is why, I’ll be providing you with info and tricks to answers your question- When are the Most Active Hours to Post on Instagram?

When is the best time to post?

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I’ve seen many articles out there stating that there’s a universal “best time” for every one and this might be true in some cases but most likely not.

The best time for you to post is dependent on several factors. Some of them being where your followers are based and what habits they have.

For example, let’s say the “best universal” time to post is 10a.m. What about people in Sweden or France? It is in the middle of the night for them.

The point is that there is generally no “universal time” but there are however common factors that can decide when the best time is to post for particular niches or different countries.

To learn about your followers’ habits in order to get a better understanding of when the best time is to post for you, you should define these three things:

The demographics of your followers:

Demographics of your followers play a big part in deciding when it’s best to post for you. If most of your followers are from USA but you are based in the UK, there might be a chance that you’re posting in the middle of the night when your followers are asleep, meaning that you’ll most likely receive pretty low engagement.

Timezone differences:

As with the demographics, you have to take time differences into consideration. Try to post at times where most of your followers are still awake to get the best engagement.

Over to you:

The best statistics comes from you personally. If you are running a page for a longer period of time, you’ll learn everything about your followers, including when the best time it is to post for you. Learn to notice engagement patterns and think about if it might have something to do with posting at a certain time.

The truth about the best time to post

According to a study by Mavrck where they analyzed 1.3 million Instagram posts, they found midnight, 3pm and 4pm the most popular times to post, with Thursday, Friday and Wednesday being the most popular days. For brands, the data implies an opportunity to earn higher engagement during off hours, such as 6am to 12pm – when overall posting volume is low.

Take this study with a pinch of salt because while it still may be accurate, it might not tell the whole truth.

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