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10 Main Advantages of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Starting a video advertising campaign is something small businesses postpone for a long time, thinking it will cost them an arm and a leg. This was true in the past but modern technology and Internet access allow entrepreneurs to use video marketing to attract potential customers through original content.

In fact, there are 10 main advantages of video marketing every small business owner should be aware of.

You can measure a video’s impact

Among the biggest advantages of using videos to promote your franchise is the ability to accurately measure their impact and reach. When you share a video on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter, you get to see the exact number of views and shares.

Furthermore, video sharing creates a snowball effect, as people who have never before heard of your company get to see the funny sketch you directed, for example, in their friend’s feed. This further extends the reach of visuals you create, prolonging their lifespan as more and more people see it.

Diamonds and videos are forever

Speaking of the long/term effect of videos, they generally stay on Google results for years. A typical TV ad is played for a couple of months before taking down. On the other side, a video you post on YouTube can easily remain there for a decade if it’s relevant in the future as well.

Once the production of the video is over, you needn’t spend extra money but perhaps reupload the video after a couple of years. As time goes by, the video will attract more and more viewers, i.e. potential customers, without you spending a dime.

Videos are searchable

One reason small business owners prefer textual content over videos (apart from seemingly lower production cost) is a false belief that videos cannot be searched.

In reality, people interested in the products and services you offer can find your videos on Google, as videos make up more than two-thirds of search results.

You can increase the reach of your visual content by disseminating it across various platforms, such as the aforementioned social media and your website.

It’s easier to get the message across

Whether you are trying to make viewers laugh or create an educational video, moving images are effective in getting the message across. Sight and sound help the target audience identify with the story or idea you are trying to “sell,” both metaphorically and literally.

The reason behind the persuasive nature of videos doesn’t lie in special effects or excellent acting. The appeal is in the emotions that videos instigate. Once you win over the heart and minds of potential shoppers, they are more likely to buy a product of you or at least mention your brand to a friend.

Starting a podcast

The screening possibility for a well-made video is endless: from a TV commercial to an Instagram story. If the initial visuals prove a success, you might want to start a corporate podcast. Interesting topics and knowledgeable guest speakers will engage the audience over a prolonged period.

Since you are going to invest money only once, be sure to have professional podcast production to guarantee the best recording quality. Podcasts can be used for repurposing old content to attract a whole new audience.

Videos say a lot

Writing blog posts and other types of informative articles is a solid form of marketing. But, you need to keep the reader’s attention for a long time. Videos can achieve more over a much shorter time span. A good director and screenwriter can a whole lot of information in a minute-long video.

Users that are unlikely to scroll down a blog post are more likely to watch the video until the end and find out info they would have otherwise skipped.

Increased online presence

In the era of online ordering, establishing an online presence is do or die for businesses. Video marketing is perfect for this purpose, as interesting videos are engaging and shoppers always want more. The more great video content you post, the more traffic your website will have, increasing leads, conversions, and ultimately sales. Furthermore, every shared video is free marketing for your franchise.

Target mobile users

Mobile users should be a special category of your target audience. They find videos particularly engaging because most people don’t let go of their phones all day, unlike personal computers. Every spare second they get, users pick up their phone to make the time pass faster. This is where your videos come into play.

The importance of fresh content

We’ve mentioned earlier that your videos need to be of good quality. In addition, you need to create topical videos, just as you need to constantly post content on social media. If you provide your audience with fresh content all the time, you ensure people are engaged all time. 

Subtly raising brand awareness

Finally, creating videos is a subtle way to raise brand awareness. Unlike conventional commercials, custom-produced videos don’t have to feature your brand’s name at the end of the video. The very fact the videos are shared from your brand’s official page leads customers to conclude where they can get the products or services advertised. Furthermore, since the videos you make aren’t labeled as commercials per se, people are more likely to share them.

The 10 advantages of video marketing listed above are only the main ones. That is, the ones you are sure your business will benefit from. However, as you launch your video ad campaign, you will experience all the perks of creating and posting engaging video content.

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