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5 Gifts You Can Give Your Boss if They Love Employee Management

Out of all the things that a business owner has to ensure about proper business operations is continual and effective employee management. Employees are the biggest asset for a business and mismanagement at this front can lead to major goof-ups.

For instance, if you’re not keeping an eye on what an employee is doing over the phone, some crucial business information can be leaked out. Similarly, excess use of the phone during office hours can lead to squandering away of all the investments that one might do in hiring and nurturing the team.

Phones can be a major culprit behind the downfall of a company. So, employee management and monitoring are essential. That being said, it’s not an easy job.

Ask your boss or manager how tedious it is or try to put yourself in your boss’s shoes and learn what all s/he has to do to ensure smooth operations.

If you want to please your boss and offer a helping hand for better employee management then we are going to suggest you top five gifts that you can get for your boss. Each gift is functional and will make the life of your boss a bit easy. So, let’s get started. 

Gift #1 – Spyine

Spyine is a feature-rich phone monitoring app with a process as simple that you won’t have even to ask how to track an iPhone by number online.

It can keep an eye on every phone activity that an employee will be going during work hours. Because of this functionality, it makes employee management effortless as a boss can easily keep a watch over the employees’ usage of mobile phones at work. 

Around 1 million people across 190 nations have already started using this tool and experience best-in-class phone monitoring assistance. Some of the most famed media houses have praised it for its flawless assistance and facilities.

To know how to use Spyine, read this.

How will Spyine help your boss, and you?

With its usage, a boss can easily find out things like media shared, text exchanged, and website browsed. Every related detail about these activities will be delivered to you. There is hardly anything that will be left out.

Your boss will face zero hassles in doing employee monitoring using this tool. Even if has poor technical knowledge, s/he will be able to do real-time monitoring. All thanks go to the effortless and highly interactive interface for iOS and Android devices.

Your boss will be stunned seeing the real-time data of the employees’ activities over the internet as Spyine captures data in real-time and data delivery is done with timestamps.

The timestamps contain details like the time of the activity and the duration of the activity. So, nothing would be hidden and remain a secret.

With Spyine, employee monitoring would be a cost-effective deal. Without disturbing the company budget, it will help you ensure the details of activities. The monthly expense is only $10 per month. At this cost, lots of things can be easily captured and monitored.

Employee monitoring done by Spyine is entirely risk-free as it works without rooting/jailbreak. Also, it never saves data on the server which ensures quality employee monitoring.  

Your boss can do live phone monitoring on 20+ devices at a time. Yes, it is that effective.

With its help, loads of real-world employee monitoring like proper usage of working hours, no leak of crucial information, and using data services excessively by the hands of the employee can be easily handled. 

Gift #2 – Neatspy

Packed with some very impressive features and facilities, Neatspy is the second most viable gift that you can choose for your boss.

It works without rooting/jailbreak and will help your boss to keep tabs on around 35+ phone activities at once. The simple and easy installation process will help your boss to do quality employee management at nearly zero hassle. 

Also, it won’t cause any harm to the crucial data employee must be having on their phone. Its risk-free and quality assistance has been already trusted by many people.

Gift #3 – ClickFree

ClickFree is our third recommendation as this tool will help your boss to set some restrictions on the employees’ usage of phones at work.

Along with this, it will help you find out details like which text has been shared and which media has been exchanged without rooting/jailbreak the targeted device.

Your boss will love the idea of monitoring every activity and keeping it a secret. ClickFree can easily accomplish this task. Its stealth mode and web-based browser play a crucial role in this job. Try its live demo and find out how it works.

Gift #4 – Minspy

Minspy is not a phone monitoring app; it’s a way to get hold of a quality, data-rich, and detailed overview of someone’s productivity.

By delivering the details related to activities that happened during the work time, it helps managers to find out what the team members are doing behind the boss’s back.

It is one of the most flexible and scalable phone spying solutions that anyone can give to their bosses. Without consuming the crucial time of your boss, this app is capable of rendering quality data at zero cost and hassle.

Gift #5 – Spyic

If your boss always remains worried about the excessive use of social media at work then you must give him/her Spyic. This remote phone monitoring app will take up the responsibilities of doing real-time monitoring on the employees and keep them focused.

Without asking for hefty upfront investment, it will keep tabs on around 35+ phone activities, capture the real-time data, and help you find out the real team productivity at zero hassles.

As Spyzie works without taking the help of rooting/jailbreak, your boss won’t be taking any risks.

In conclusion 

Employee monitoring and management is one tedious job that demands full diligence and accuracy. With the help of all the five phone monitoring apps, this job can be accomplished with full accuracy and perfection. 

These apps are tried and tested. Hence, hassles, worries, and risks won’t haunt your boss at all. Try giving anyone to your boss and see how you will become the favorite employee.

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