Thursday, December 7

Small Business, Big Dreams: How to Exceed Customer Expectations

All businesses must start somewhere. If you are the owner of a small e-commerce business and you have big dreams for the future, you should aim to exceed customer expectations. Your customer is the key to achieving higher business goals. They will be the driving force behind sales, engagement, and nowadays even marketing. The amazing thing about having a relatively small-scale business is that you can take the time to truly focus on your customer experience. 

If you want to exceed their expectations, you must first position yourself as a customer of your own business. Imagine your direct and indirect experience with the company. Direct contact typically encompasses any purchases, communication, or interaction with the business. Indirect contact focuses more on unplanned representations of the business, such as word-of-mouth communication, reviews, and so forth. 

Add a Personal Touch 

An advantage of having a small business is that you can easily personalize each order. Unlike large companies, you can take the time to thank your customer for their support and seemingly encourage them to continue doing so. This can be as simple as having great packaging with a personal touch. Think about the customer’s experience when they receive the product. You could wrap the item in tissue paper, add a company sticker, and even include a personalized thank-you note. 

This seems like a lot of work; however, a little effort will go a long way. If you have a wireless printer, you and your team can quickly print out your thank-you cards and entice them with a special offer on their next purchase. Include your social media handles with a note and ask them to tag you in any content. 

Your sole focus shouldn’t be to make a sale but to create a relationship. Delivering a great experience will make them more likely to document it on their social media. This is a great way to promote your company organically. Digital advertising is the latest priority for businesses and the best way to target a specific demographic of customers. National or print media campaigns have become obsolete whilst social media platforms, like Instagram, have revolutionized marketing strategies.  

Make Their Opinion Heard 

Another important aspect of the consumer relationship is ensuring that your customer feels acknowledged. This can be done on various levels, namely in terms of customer feedback or customer service. Not only does this make the customer feel involved and appreciated, but it allows you to make informed changes within your business model. 

If they did encounter any issues when receiving or ordering a product then you should try to make up for this with excellent customer service. Having an empathetic customer service team with a fast response rate will reinforce your standing as a trustworthy business.

All in all, a happy customer is the key to creating a successful small business. Keep in mind our tips on exceeding customer expectations and witness your company grow in sales, engagement, and reputation.

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