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7 Marketing Practices Every Business Should Implement

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Marketing has always played a very critical role in building business by securing more sales or leads. The aspect of marketing in the businesses has never been this important as all companies find out ways to survive the economic crisis due to COVID-19.

Businesses should be taking this opportunity to learn more marketing practices. It will allow them to continue market products to the targeted audience digitally. You have to do this the right way to avoid any long-lasting or permanent effects with the capability to ruin the company.

So, how can business owners do this? Here are seven marketing practices every business should implement.

Generate more leads

To increase sales, businesses should focus on generating leads and mix that strategy with other creative marketing ideas to boost the company. One way of generating more leads most likely to convert is creating a formidable lead nurture sales funnel.

Throughout the entire funnel, you will include different Call to Actions (CTAs) created to push the lead to the next phase. You can nurture leads generated from social media by using CTAs that encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.

Once they are on the email list of the company, business owners should then push to the next phase, which might be visiting the website. A lead nurturing sales funnel of this sort yields great results, just like Groupon manages to grow their following.

Groupon has many mouths to this funnel, including affiliate marketers, the task assigned to them is getting them on the website. Once the target audience reaches the site, Groupon seals the deal with a strong CTA, prompting users to sign up.

Optimize the content marketing strategy being implemented

Content marketing is undoubtedly the cornerstone of digital outreach campaigns. It seems pretty easy to start out using the content marketing strategy but there is a lot more involved. Instead of just merely generating content in the form of articles, videos, images, the business must carefully optimize everything.

The most important trick is to abide by the Google webmaster guidelines and referring to this document when creating content.

You should aim to write for people and not search engines and many businesses get this wrong most of the time. They aim to cheat Google Algorithms by creating content that is unreadable due to keyword stuffing.

Businesses that do this often get punished by Google Algorithms and might rank far lower than they anticipated. Hie professional bloggers for technical content and ebooks and aim to create content that does resonate with customers and adds value to them and uses any keywords naturally.

Create a strong social impact strategy

Unfortunately, some businesses only care about their interests and show no compassion or kindness to customers. Companies inherited this business model from the many capitalist corporations that have closed or still existent.

The sad reality is that this business model does not work but it just erodes a loyalty relationship between companies and customers. Over the years, customers have picked up on this and decided that they will not support businesses that do not try to have a social impact on them.

The relationship has to go two ways. It should mean profits for the company while benefitting the customers. A perfect way to do this is giving away freebies whenever possible and the giveaway should not be necessarily directly to the customer.

For example, Warby Parker, an eyewear startup company, has an initiative called the “buy one, give one.” You can also choose a charity of your choice or multiple charities that the business will donate a portion of proceedings too.

Some businesses have also shown monetary support or resources to healthcare workers working on the frontlines of protecting citizens from COVID-19.

Ensure that the company website is fulfilling its intended purpose

The company website you are using may not be fulfilling its intended purposes or reaching business goals. One way to ensure that this does not happen on your watch is by implementing heatmapping software on the site. The results will help business owners identify where customers usually go.

The heat mapping software might indicate that CTA buttons are cold, which loosely translates to that they are not reaching company goals. With that data, you will have the ability to change the CTAs.

Upgrade your social media marketing strategy

Upgrading a social media marketing strategy requires planning and setting goals for yourself. Setting goals does not mean that you will arbitrarily decide that the social media pages should grow their following by 10%, rather business owners should be SMART about it. What does this mean? Being SMART involves the following:

  • Specific – Businesses should specify each social media platform and the response rate they expect.
  • Measurable – The response rate should be a measurable metric found on social media analytical tools.
  • Achievable ­– Business goals must be achievable and should not be absurd like growing the following of social media pages by 100% in 3 days.
  • Relevant – The goals established should be following the overall marketing strategy.
  • Time-bound – You should set a timeframe to get the goals done by meeting the response rate metric.

Master SEO strategies

SEO is one of the most important points to implement in your overall marketing strategy. It may also look simple to implement this strategy but there are some complex concepts. For example, there have been contradicting opinions amongst marketing experts about the type of keywords that should be used.

Some argued that less-competitive keywords increase the chances of visibility while others said the contrary. The truth is, competitive keywords are the way to go currently due to some reasons.

The most prominent reason is that it is easier and much cost-effective riding the wave of highly searched keywords than trying to forge a new path.

The bottom line

You should not ever neglect or put your marketing strategy on autopilot, rather be actively involved in using the tips as mentioned above. Ensure that the social media marketing strategy is up to scratch with the latest trends. Also, optimize both the website and the content you create to rank higher on search engines.

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