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How to Protect Your Business in a Crisis

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The COVID-19 outbreak has a growing impact on the global economy. Small businesses are searching for ways to cope with the operational stress caused by the crisis.

The following months are going to be challenging for business owners. You need to understand the financial position of your business and create a plan for multiple possible outcomes. If you are worried about your business, there are some steps you can take to avoid financial loss. Gather your team and start working on the solutions on how to survive the crisis.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Now is the best time for you to review your current expenses. Cost-cutting is not going to be a pleasant process, but it’s going to improve your financial health. 

Identify the necessity and cut out luxury. Your business will go through changes, but every step you take will help you stay on your feet until the crisis is over.  

Maintain a strong bond with your employees

Communication with your employees is essential for the survival of your business. Most of them are probably concerned about their health and financial status during the crisis. Provide your staff with all the information they need on how to deal with the crisis. 

Organize online meetings and ask for feedback. Ask your employees for help and encourage them to take good care of themselves. Talk to them about the current status of your company and explain what’s going to change in the following months. 

Start working from home

Prepare for situations when your employees are unable to work in the office. Most people have access to the internet, but sometimes that’s not enough for them to do the work they usually do at the office. 

Provide your team with essential equipment and invest in work-from-home technology. There are numerous ways to help your employees work remotely. Programs that allow people to video chat and work on files together regardless of their location may come in handy. 

Create plans for possible outcomes

You cannot avoid the change your business is about the go through. However, you can predict possible scenarios and create a plan for each one of them. Keep in mind that payments will be slower than usual. 

For some services, such as Wise Pick and Consumer Reports, that review products from Amazon, the pandemic has only been beneficial. Some organizations, such as NBA teams, have lost millions of dollars.

Think about how that will affect your company and employees. No one can tell for sure when the crisis is going to end, but if you learn how to deal with the potential problems, you’ll be ready to survive the worst.  

Change the way your business operates

Changing the way your business operates is not a bad thing. You need to adapt to the changes in the economy if you want your business to make it through difficult times. Consult your employees and see whether they can offer a solution on how to operate the business in the new circumstances. 

You need to come up with a way to offer your customers your products or services during this period. It is a new chance for your business to grow and evolve in a new direction. 

Protect your cash flow

No matter how much money you have on your savings account, your business won’t be able to survive without regular cash flow. Make sure there’s an equal and controlled level of cash inflows and outflows. 

It would be beneficial to try new payment options and offer early payment cashback. Keep in mind that the survival of your business is the most important thing. That would be possible only if you manage to protect your cash position in this market. 

Consult a legal advisor

It’s hard to run your business if panic and uncertainty are present. Now is the time to bring some stability to your paperwork and create new business deals. It might be hectic out there, but there are still lots of opportunities to do business. 

However, you have to tread carefully and do your due diligence, as mistakes are going to cost you now more than ever. Legal help is recommended for handling new business deals and ventures. Find commercial lawyers that can help you review employment agreements, transactions, documentation and paperwork. They’ll also help you form new business relationships, which will be essential for the survival of your company in the coming months.

Build loyalty with your clients

Offer your current clients special deals and rates to help them go through difficult times. That way, you’ll create a stronger bond with your customers. You’ll encourage cash flow by showing support to your clients.  

Loyalty is the best investment for your business during a crisis and one of the easiest ways to maintain a strong relationship with your patrons.


There are many ways to protect your business during this period. However, you should only take calculated risks to avoid financial loss. It’s vital to be patient and calm during a crisis. Do what you can, and keep in mind that no matter what you do, some disasters cannot be avoided. Protecting your financial position is essential. Learn as much as possible about the current situation, and make smart decisions to protect your business until it’s all over.  Keep in mind that difficult times don’t last forever, and it’s only a matter of time until everything falls back into place.

Article was written by guest writer Alexis Walker.

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