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5 Simple Tips For Using Twitter to Get More Likes

By 2020 Twitter remains one of the most widespread social platforms in the world. Twitter is also quite dissimilar to media like Instagram or Facebook. Unlike the mentioned, Twitter is built on short messages. And so the mechanisms of becoming famous around it are different than in other social media too. This might make you think that promotion on Twitter is much harder and not worth the effort.

You will be surprised, but the basis of popularity on this social platform is still about likes and followers. In this article, you are going to find out how to increase your ratio of likes and followers on Twitter easily. Do not forget, there are even free Twitter growth apps that you can get that can help you even more. Here we have 5 good tips and tricks for you.


Definitely the fastest way to achieve a big number of likes or followers. Don’t underestimate such services, as they can provide a quick and productive growth of your account. Whether it’s business or a personal blog, paid promotion helps you to attract the audience you need. Twitter fame is all about the number of likes and followers that you get because it is based on the wide spreading of information by the users.

Simply talking, the more people see your tweet, the more people will like and repost it and thus the chain is unbreakable. To get a good start, you can visit here to buy likes on Twitter for a fast and effective increase in your account’s credibility. This strategy may seem too easy, but you should always remember to keep a balance between paid services and live-action promotion. If not choosing wisely, you can end up with a bunch of dead accounts instead of real followers.


As on any other social platform, the public image of your account has to correspond to what your potential audience wants to see. When talking about Twitter, you will want to stick to these things:

  • Make your bio elegant, short, and original. Rightly done introduction to your profile can provide many likes.
  • Always pin your best tweet. It has to contain the freshest and interesting information about your account.
  • Don’t overflow your followers with posts. 7-10 tweets a day is more than enough. People are unfollowing accounts that flood, even if the content is good.
  • The number of symbols can and should be less than the allowed maximum. Do not try to use all the at once. The tweets around 100 symbols are most liked and reposted.

  • Use proper and relevant hashtags. These are effective help to increase your reach.


Add to your tweets photos or videos frequently. Make sure that the pictures you choose are convenient for your niche. As for personal blogs, there’s one important thing – don’t share the photos of food unless you are a restaurant critic or a chef. Nobody wants to know what you had for dinner.

In order to reach Millenials, it is nice to use some trending memes, but producing your own content is still a must.

Also, here’s a good hint: to make your posts unique (and thus attract users to your account), use GIF. A recent study through Twitter’s internal data found out that users like tweets with GIF much more. And the same research shows that only about 2% of tweets actually have GIFs. So why not to increase engagement and get more likes to your profile by adding some fun!


Also one of the most effective ways to boost your profile. Twitter is a conversational social platform and it is very important to keep up with your followers if you want to get more reposts and likes.

There are many ways to reach out to other users. Start with small interactive games, use different Twitter trends, which are corresponding to your niche themes. At any point, it is useful to ask users questions. You can also participate in things like #FF (Follow Friday – a kind of flashmob on Twitter, where people can recommend each other the accounts they like).

You can create a live-chat on Twitter to get in touch with like-minded people. By doing this you will build a close, strong, and loyal community.

Don’t be too shy to start a lively discussion with your followers. Try to avoid topics like religion or politics and stay respective. Revise jokes which you want to post in spite of tolerance rules in the modern world.


Remember, that all the stuff mentioned requires being active yourself.  And Twitter has just all the things you need for promoting and popularising your account.

  • Follow people. If you want more likes and subscribers you have to do this. It helps to make your posts more frequent in other people’s newsfeeds.
  • Retweet and tag popular bloggers, celebs, or brands. It attracts followers to your profile.
  • Check on with Twitter Analytics in order to acknowledge what your auditory responds best to.
  • Retweet yourself. Sometimes this can be used to revive the interest of your viewers in a specific topic or product.
  • Reply to other people’s tweets. There is no place for being an arrogant diva here.
  • Make Lists. This tool will be helpful for organizing your own feed and grouping your followers for better research upon the engagement, reach, etc.

In conclusion, to get more likes on Twitter, it is important to find and engage the right followers. Be open to communicate and study your audience’s reactions to your tweets. And last but not least, have fun!

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