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7 Amazing Writing Tools That You Should Try

We all know that content writing is one of the challenging tasks. It’s not just because the content writing needs to be top-notch, but because there is great need to be equally adept when it comes to marketing, social media, and even design. However, competition is intense. To be noticed and follow new readers and keep them hungry for content, there is a need to post them all the time.

To simplify your choice here is is a list of content writing tools and apps that assist you in content creation. It is fascinating to know that these tools also help you polish every piece you write, avoid self-repetition, and even distribute your freshly cooked posts on social media.


People don’t necessarily go out of their way to praise an article for having proper grammar and spelling; they certainly condemn an article for lacking it. It is essential to know that small apparent errors in your content can quickly discredit any other useful information you may have provided. In order to keep your sentences sharp and voice acting, you can download Grammarly’s browser extension.

It is ostensibly a grammar and spellchecker. It is fascinating to know that you can also take its paid version a step further, providing word variations and checking sentence structure.  Grammarly Premium free also performs its duties anywhere you write on the web, whether that is Google Docs, Twitter, or Facebook.


As we know that many assignments come with a predetermined word count that you have to write 350 words for this blog post or create 1,000 scintillating sentences for that article. The tools are responsible for counting the words you create. Moreover, it also counts characters, penalties, and paragraphs.

It is surprising to know that this tool helps estimate reading and speaking time and spot those words that you overuse, all too often.


It is one of the best online editing tools that remain very popular among writers and bloggers for its convenient text editing system. The tool highlights sentences and phrases that are too complex. Moreover, it also suggests eliminating excessive adverbs and turning passive voice into active voice.

It is essential to keep in mind that this tool also comprises document style settings and even shows a text’s readability score. However, the editor’s standalone version is available for PC and Mac.


lys is a tool that provides you with one of the unique writing experiences. All you have to do is enter the desired word count, and start typing, and the app will only display the last letter you have typed.


StackEdit is an excellent tool for converting text into .html or copying it from WordPress, Google Docs, and Word without the formatting changing. We can also say that this is an in-browser markdown editor created especially for web writers.

This tool includes several themes, layouts, and shortcut combinations to customize content writing. It also has a spellchecker that supports many languages, and you can even sync it with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Moreover, the tool also allows you to post the posting on WordPress, Tumblr, Dropbox, and Blogger in a markdown format, .html, or with adjusted formatting by using the underscore template engine.

Calmy Writer

Although they are quick to go with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer as a word-processing application of choice, they may not be the best solution. They are incredibly powerful, but sometimes there is need something a lot more streamlined and simpler that help you focus on your writing. In this condition, Calmly Writer is here for you. The tool allows you to get only the most essential content writing tools, such as the ability to insert different subheadings, quotes, as well as links.


In academic and business circles, plagiarism is known as one of the most severe offenses. Online, plagiarizing someone else’s work intentionally or accidentally leads to Google flagging or penalizing the website and giving it a low ranking. If you want to keep your content as original as possible, it is recommended to use Copyscape.

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