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How Writing Skills Will Help You to Start Your Own Business

How Writing Skills Will Help You to Start Your Own Business

Being a good entrepreneur requires more than identifying the right business opportunity. A good entrepreneur has a cocktail of skills from communication, the ability to inspire people, aggressiveness, budgeting, and planning skills, and a plethora of others. Writing is one of the major skills needed to start and run a business.  

These skills allow you to start and promote your business. While you can hire a team to market your business, you will still be involved in the day to day activities of all your departments, which means you still need to know how to market. The fact that you need to have a basketful of skills sounds tiring, and it is. But, once you are past the first hurdle of starting your business, you will move swiftly. 

Many companies get lost in the process where the entrepreneur cannot write and lacks other major skills. 

Write the Perfect Business Plan

The first stage for an entrepreneur is writing a business plan. Even after the first one, an entrepreneur still needs to constantly plan the way in the form of strategic plans, and come up with ideas to forge their business forward. 

Before you write a business plan, there are key issues that you need to think about:

  • How to raise starting capital and how to use that capital
  • How to communicate ideas to the stakeholders
  • How to design the advertisements to kickstart your business – here, you will need to come up with winning promotional strategies

At every stage in your business development, you will need to write, either to people, for people, or for your business. 

A blog to Promote Your Business

Consumers will most likely find your blog before they find your website. If you can solve your consumer’s problems through blog posts, then they will most likely trust your brand and buy your products. As such, you need to have proficient writing skills. 

When you start promoting your business through writing, you become an expert in your field. As you research for the next blog post, you will come across more information regarding your product and your field. At all times, you will be at the top of the competition by knowing more than your competitors about the market, your audience, and your product or service. However, you can only blog the right way if you can write well. 

Become Better at Communicating

Communication is a key skill if you need to maintain lasting partnerships with professionals in your field. With good writing skills, you can convince partners to pick your business over that of your competitors. With more than a billion online businesses, communication usually happens in writing – you have to tell people why your business is better and deserving attention. 

If you cannot express your business plans and your ideas, your business might not grow as it should. 

Writing to Release Stress

Entrepreneurship is stressful; things might not go according to plan, no matter how much you try. 

Writing is good for business, but it is also good for you. Writing is therapeutic; it allows you to let out all the negativity from your mind and start on a clean slate the following day. 

It is only when you write that you can display all that is in your mind on a piece of paper. This way, you will significantly improve your productivity, seeing that you will release all the stress and all the anger. After you write all negativities down, you start to see things clearly, you can connect the lines, and can see new perspectives. 

Be Influential

Do you need to influence people to do your bidding and work together? The only way to do that is to show your intelligence, something that is easily done through writing. As an influencer, you are able to draw top talent in your field to work for you. You are also able to stand as a leader as people will trust your brilliance and your ability to bring out ideas. If a leader doesn’t show their intelligence, how will those below them trust them?


Besides releasing stress, writing is one way to introspect and brainstorm on ideas running through your head. 

You can do yoga and meditate, but writing is a simple way to clear your head and give you new fresh ideas. This is why you see most bosses have an idea pad, a place they scribble the ideas they have before communicating them. Written ideas look more real and easy to execute.

When introspecting, start by:

  • Writing down all your anger and frustrations
  • Write your feelings
  • Write the roots of your frustrations
  • Write the thoughts that keep you awake at night
  • Why do you need success so badly?
  • What is missing in your business and your life?
  • Explore your inner thoughts

By the time you are done, you will have released your frustrations, and your head will be clean to start again. You can also buy a reflective essay to let out the frustrations and start afresh. 


Email, texts, memos, and all other forms of communication in the office require business skills. You have to write, and write well, to sell and manage a team. Writing every day gives you new ways to articulate your ideas and become a better leader. For you to write, you have to research; it is during research that you learn more about different fields and ways to grow your business. Start writing – because all clients read. 

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