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Content Marketing Strategy: Create a High-Quality Content

Content Marketing Strategy: Create a High-Quality Content Image source: A long time ago, content marketing was a question solved easily. You created a 500-word text, added some keywords, posted it on your page, and saw the ranking growing. However, today, there are so many aspects of content-creation that mistakes can be fatal. Not only […]

7 Trends to Incorporate in your Content Marketing Strategy for 2020

7 trends to incorporate in your content marketing strategy for 2020 As 2019 pulls a valedictory and we move to a new decade, content gains more prominence, bringing web traffic by almost eight times singlehandedly. With people wanting well-researched content to solve their problems, the content has gained a status of ubiquity. Today, every business […]

Emotional Marketing: A Strategy New Restaurant Owners Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you a new restaurant business owner looking for a unique marketing strategy? Or have you recently noticed a decline in customer reach despite using traditional marketing techniques? In either case, it is time for you to add a new technique to your marketing approach. According to CNBC, 60% of new restaurant businesses fail within […]

Bonuses and Promos, a Marketing Strategy for Boosting Business

The importance of a well-crafted marketing strategy for boosting business cannot be overstated. In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, businesses need to employ various tactics to stand out and capture the attention of their target audience. A thorough marketing plan helps firms stand out, generate sales, nurture client loyalty, and increase brand recognition. Incentives and promotions […]

How Email Autoresponders Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Email autoresponders can be a powerful marketing tool. By automatically sending follow-up emails to your subscribers, you can stay top of mind and keep your brand in front of them even when you’re not actively promoting your business. An email autoresponder is an email sent to your subscribers after they sign up for your list. […]

Is content writing necessary for SEO?

Content writing and SEO go hand-in-hand. Good quality content helps to improve your website’s search engine ranking and visibility, which in turn drives more traffic to your site. When it comes to SEO, content is king. That’s because search engines like Google place a high value on quality content when determining where to rank your […]

5 Tips to Building a Strong Post-Crisis Recruiting Strategy

If anything taught businesses about the importance of anticipating crisis (and getting adequately prepared), that’s the Covid-19 pandemic. Away from that, businesses face different kinds of crises every day, including market shifts, cash flow challenges, product failure, PR issues, regulation trouble, and, of course, labor shortage! Whichever the case, you can’t afford to ignore the […]

How To Create Remarkable Website Content

Content is king: many professionals agree to that, regardless of the different emerging trends in the online marketing world. In fact, your website content is what makes you stand out and can make a difference to your company’s success.  Hence, it’s advised that you make sure to create quality and valuable website content suited for […]

5 Reasons to use Transcription as a Part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to make transcription promote content marketing strategy Working on the marketing strategy has a lot of ins and outs. It isn’t a smooth process because the final KPIs depend on multiple factors. The main goal of the marketing strategy is to promote the website of the business, find new clients and ensure sales. Hence, […]

4 Best Content Marketing Lessons to Learn from Netflix

Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms we have in the world. It was launched on the 29th of August 1997. Since then, Netflix has only grown. It has a library filled with all sorts of genres you might think of. Netflix Makes sure that its subscribers all nowhere near being disappointed. They have […]

A Guide To Stepping Up A Small Business’s HR Strategy

As a small business owner, you need to be careful on the strategies you use as these lay foundation that will impact your success long-term. Create and implement robust strategies today, and your business will have better chances of succeeding in the future.  You should pay attention to your human resource (HR) strategy. HR strategy […]

Content Creators: 8 Strategies For An Engaging Live Stream

It’s not a secret that performing live broadcasting can be unique, fun, and rewarding for growing and promoting your brand. Also, they can showcase their products easily by interacting with their audiences. With the significant return of investments, comes big responsibilities and challenges. In a live video, there are no pauses, edits, and do-overs. Multi-tasking […]