Monday, July 15

SEO Fail: Six Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Is Failing.

Search engine optimization is the finest digital marketing strategy that improves website visibility in Google search engines. SEO can drastically boost organic traffic to your site for years to come. But what happens when you’ve been incorporating an SEO strategy for a while and not getting enough traffic to your site or not getting the results that you want? Here is the hard truth: your SEO strategy isn’t performing because of irrevocable penalties; it is failing because of using the wrong SEO techniques while expecting good results. But the good news is most of these techniques are fixable. In this article, we delve into six reasons your SEO campaign is not bearing fruit.

1. Your site’s page loading is slow.

Research shows that visitors will abandon a site that takes more than four seconds to load. No one wants to wait; people are looking for answers and want them immediately! These bouncing rates give Google an impression that your site isn’t trustworthy, which leads to lower ranking or stagnation. To fix this, improve the speed of your website by
• Investing in a web hosting provider who is trustworthy, credible and reliable.
• Remove unnecessary plugins
• Remove all unused JavaScript.
• Compress the size of images on your pages.
• Compress CSS files.

2. Lack of SEO budget.

Nobody intends to fail. They just fail to plan. Not having a laid out clear budget for SEO is the main reason why it fails. The more you invest in an SEO strategy, the more return you get. Carefully set a gameplay and set a budget that allows you to hire digital marketing talent, use top-notch SEO tools and enable you to create better content for your website.

3. You are ignoring long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are search words that are less competitive and more specific compared to generic keywords. Here are some benefits of long-tail keywords.
• They have a better conversion rate
• Have a targeted audience
• Grabs a higher ranking in Google search engines.
If you are not using long-tail keywords, you are missing out on up to 70% organic traffic on your website. The days of single keywords are long gone!

4. Poor and low-quality internal and external back linking.

Back links are the current trends and the backbone of today’s search engine optimization. Having broken and dead backlinks is a major reason why your SEO campaign is failing. As a business website owner it is important to regularly update your link and remove all dead pages to ensure that you get your desired results from SEO.

5. You are ignoring Google’s algorithms.

Google has laid out rule which you as the website owner are expected to follow and adhere to. Understanding and applying these rules without using shortcuts can secure your site a top rank in search engines and avoid unnecessary penalties. While these Google rules and regulations changes in every six months, it is important to regularly review them.

6. You are overlooking the power of title tags and Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions and title tags act as the advertising function for the body of your content. They attract readers to your website, driving more traffic and increasing conversion rates. They play a critical role in SEO success and should not be overlooked.


Building a strong SEO campaign is a journey that requires being in tune with the current trends. This blog has given the six major causes of SEO failure. You must avoid them for your SEO efforts to give you results the way you desire.

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