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Remote Proctoring: Upgrade Your HR Strategy in 2022

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The shift to hybrid learning and workflow has transformed how the world works. But it has also introduced a lot of loopholes that no one expected. For example, while students were reportedly cheating on their exams while giving their exams remotely, even employees allegedly didn’t give their 100% during the remote work.

While it’s not possible for HR to consistently call and catch up with an employee’s work status, the next best thing invested for the same is remote proctoring. You can learn more about remote proctoring here.

This article will focus on how remote proctoring can upgrade your HR strategy in 2022 for a smoother workflow.

1. Keep an Eye on the Employee working Remotely

One of the most significant issues with remote working was the lack of monitoring. As a result, employers had difficulty keeping up with the employees, work, and deadlines.

Remote proctoring allows employers and HR to keep an eye on the employees, even when working remotely. This might seem intrusive, but having an idea about the real-time status of the employee ensures that people aren’t taking unduly advantage of the remote work set-up.

2. Prevent Fraudulent Practices

When your employees work remotely, the risks of fraudulency are at their peak. We aren’t saying that’s the norm, but you can’t deny that it does augment the possibilities of the same.

The best way to tide this risk over is by integrating remote proctoring techniques to keep an eye on the employees, their workflow, and the activities they engage in throughout the day.

We want to reiterate that we aren’t normalizing remote work with fraudulent practices. But it is always ideal to be safe and cautious, especially regarding a company’s data and information.

3. Indulge in Direct Communication

The benefit of remote proctoring is that it connects the employers and the employees without needing to stay on a video call throughout the day. But unfortunately, the latter seems intangible and impractical too.

With remote proctoring, HR can stay connected with multiple employees at a time and reach out to them when needed. In addition, if any meetings are arranged or a specific employee has to be connected, the remote proctoring software streamlines that process quite effortlessly and without additional burden.

4. Foster Openness and Flexibility

You might think that remote proctoring violates privacy and makes an employee uncomfortable to be watched round the clock. But isn’t that happening when you are working from the office?

Awareness of a company’s remote proctoring practice alerts the employees to give their 100% productivity and fosters openness and flexibility in the work relationships. When you know that your work is being actively monitored, you have the choice to choose a comfortable position to work from.


Remote proctoring is one of the latest HR trends that will only grow from here on. As remote work culture expands and increases, so will the need for more of these software solutions. We’d highly recommend looking into comprehensive and ethical remote proctoring services that won’t violate the employees’ privacy during work.

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