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Tired of Working From Home? 5 Tips to Get Out of That Rut

Tired of Working From Home? 5 Tips to Get Out of That Rut

More than 40% of American workers work remotely on an occasional basis, according to a study by Gallup, and millions work remotely on a regular basis. As of 2017, more than 5% of all American professionals worked full-time from home.

That’s a huge share of the population, and it’s only increasing. 

If you’re one of the millions of full-time work-at-homers, you know that working from home isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Perhaps you’re struggling through a work-at-home rut right now.

There’s hope for you and countless others in the same boat. These proven strategies could be just what you need to get back on track and re-embrace what you love about your home office.

  1. Redecorate Your Workspace

You can’t always choose your workspace, but you can choose how it’s decorated. Take measures to add color and maximize natural light by strategically deploying low-maintenance house plants, wall art, and soft lighting.

  1. Look for Opportunities to Help Others (And Earn Income in the Process)

Sometimes, it’s the demands of the job that get work-at-homers down. Fight back by finding opportunities to earn income while helping others. For example, fundraising distributors help school groups, charities, and other beneficial organizations raise funds for their work. Full-time fundraising distributors do well: According to ABC Fundraising, home-based workers can earn at least $5,000 monthly.

  1. Work Outside the Home Once Per Week

It doesn’t matter where: the local coffee shop, your favorite library branch, the nearest brewery taproom (we won’t tell). The important part is that you’re getting a sorely needed change of scenery.

  1. Bring Your Laptop Outside, Weather Permitting

A little sunshine does wonders for your productivity. Boost your mood with some al fresco work time, weather and wifi permitting. If you don’t have a suitable yard or garden for outdoor work, head over to the closest park and get some offline tasks done.

  1. Exercise Daily — During the Workday

Is exercising during the workday really a good use of your time? If it boosts your mood and improves your concentration, absolutely. Exercise is known to increase work productivity.

This tip is what you make of it. If you’re training for a marathon, by all means, devote your lunch break to a 10-mile jog. Otherwise, a brisk, 30-minute walk through the park might do the trick.

Working From Home: It’s What You Make of It

As someone who works full-time from home, you’re in good company. Millions of Americans walk the same road — more accurately, sit in the same chair — each and every day.

If you’re just about sick of your work-at-home routine, you’re not alone either. It’s natural to feel beaten down by the daily grind; the grass is always greener, as they say. 

Is your work-at-home weariness a sign that you should give up the game, head back to the office, and embrace the 9-to-5 slog?

If you’re willing to follow the tips we’ve explored here, the answer is no. Your work-at-home career still has room to run. You’re in charge of your own destiny, captain of your own ship — and there’s no time like the present to make a stand for home-based workers everywhere.

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