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How to Create a Corporate Style of a Company that will Sell

Original Coca Cola font, classic Nokia ringtone or crocodile image of Lacoste – we recognize famous brands by elements of corporate identity. They work for recognition, customer attraction, and sales. What is included in the corporate identity of the company, how to create it and what examples inspire? We have answers in the article.

What is Corporate Style and why is It Needed?

Corporate style or identity is an image that a company creates in the eyes of consumers through words, images, sounds, smells or packaging. All components should fit the same concept, be well remembered and evoke positive emotions.

You should not pursue trends if they do not reflect the essence of the business. Qualitative identity is like a Swiss watch: it will remain relevant for many years. Its main goals are to single out the brand among hundreds of them, to attract the attention of buyers, which means to increase profits.

Functions of the Corporate Style

The company’s corporate style makes the first impression of the business before the customer makes the first purchase. The choice of website design, packaging colors, and fonts in advertising largely depends on what customers will choose. Here’s why you need a corporate style:

  1. To create an image. Identity is the heart of the brand. It reflects your strategy, philosophy, and values, helps people to create an idea of the company and build a positive reputation.
  2. To increase recognition. Any corporate style item is advertising – be it a handkerchief with a logo, a notepad or an employee’s uniform. The more often the buyer will have contact with your brand, the more he/she will seem to know the product well. So, as a result, more people want to make a purchase.
  3. To stand out from competitors. Use unique elements of corporate style – and it will be easier for you to distinguish yourself from competitors on a visual and emotional level.
  4. To build confidence. Identity guarantees the quality and authenticity of products. This is especially true when launching new products or advertising campaigns.

What does the Corporate Style Consist of? The Main Elements

The design of a corporate style is not just printing business cards and developing a slogan. There are no random elements here – each performs a function in a specific segment: the Internet, offline stores, outdoor advertising or souvenir products. We talk about the main components of identity.

Name of the Company

Minimal modern business card design featuring geometric elements

The name is the first thing users see or hear. It is by name that the company will be searched on the Internet and memorized. Therefore, it should reflect the essence of your activities and not be like others. Here are the main criteria for quality naming:

  • simplicity and memorability;
  • soundness;
  • uniqueness.v

Logo and Fonts

A logo is a trademark that reflects the character of the company. Think of a Nike branded tick or a bitten apple. The emblem may be symbolic, textual or combined, but in any case, must meet the following criteria:

  • individuality;
  • conciseness;
  • simplicity;
  • Reflection on the company’s mission.

Fonts affect the psychological perception of the brand. You should not use more than two or three fonts in corporate style. Make the choice based on the target audience and the main message you want to convey. Compare the twisted font of the Disney company logo to the entertainment industry and the strict font of Cat – the manufacturer of the special equipment.

Color Scheme

Experts advise to use no more than three to four colors – primary and accent. Check out how they will look on different media: site or landing, business cards, outdoor advertising. Remember color associations. For example, yellow is associated with optimism, blue – with confidence, and red – with energy.

Psychology of colors

Style-Forming Graphics

Additional visual elements work for brand recognition. These can be geometric shapes, patterns, ornaments, or animated characters. Make sure to create a favicon, an icon that appears next to the site name in your browser. If a user has many tabs open at the same time, then favicon will help you quickly find your site and highlight it among other web pages.

Other Elements

Other components of corporate style include:

  • slogan: a short phrase that expresses the essence of the brand;
  • printing products: business cards, envelopes, postcards, booklets;
  • staff uniform;
  • website or corporate blog;
  • mobile application;
  • outdoor advertising (transport, billboards, city lights);
  • photos (on the site, in a shop, cafe or office);
  • packaging of products (inscriptions, images, choice of materials);
  • souvenirs (cups, badges, pens).

How to Create Corporate Style of a Company: Best Services

There are three main ways to create a corporate style. You can do it yourself, consult a specialist (marketer, designer, copywriter) or use the online services that can cope with the task in a few minutes. There are the top three identity creation services below:

  1. Logaster. Create a complete corporate identity package, including logo, business cards, letterheads, and favicon. Images can be edited an unlimited number of times.
  2. Tailor. Here you can create a logo, business card, letterhead, and a brand book. But there is no way to edit the suggested options.
  3. Designmantic. This resource will help you create an editable logo as well as business cards, letterheads, and site templates.

Corporate Style of a Company: Top-Brand Examples

How do you get inspired when creating your company style? Learn how famous brands work with their identity. We have selected three examples for you.


A source –

Marketers of the company focused on the youth audience, choosing bright colors – white and red. The original logo is written in recognizable Spencer italics, the inscription symbolizes movement and fluidity. The logo of the company is embossed on the original bottle. The visual core is always present in advertising, on the label and at other points of contact with the brand.


A source –

The Internet giant, which started with the book trade, is now selling any product – from paper clips to food processors. This is indicated by the arrow in the company logo between the first and last letters of the alphabet – A and Z. The arrow itself is similar in shape to a smile and is made in orange, which symbolizes joy and pleasure. All this reflects the company’s mission – to satisfy the needs of every buyer.


 A source –

The international beer brand pays special attention to the emblem: corporate green ring (evokes associations with confidence) with a red star in the middle. The company relies on outdoor advertising, as it often sponsors concerts, football games and other events. The Heineken logo can be seen in many corners of the world, which works great for promotion.


How to Create Corporate Style: Tips and Examples


The article will tell you what is included in the corporate identity of the company, why it is needed and what online services can help create it.

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