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5 Ways to Renovate Your Home Office to Boost Your Productivity

I believe we all are deeply aware of the fact that offices are built to be productive; any workplace if idle suggests that decline is at the doorstep. However, luckily, I have noticed an increasing trend among people that they have started paying attention to their workplaces.

From big shot companies to smaller, cozier setups everyone is focusing on the betterment of workplaces, and I believe this trend is paying off. The way you can make a client feel can play a decisive role in whether or not the client will visit again.

1.Light Matters

Of course, you know that light matters, but are you aware of what kind of light we need? That’s right, the one that doesn’t harm our eyes. American Optometry Association has claimed that an average American spends seven hours in front of a computer, glaring at the super bright screen working very hard. However, it is hard to imagine that exposure to this amount cannot possibly cause any damage to the person’s eye.

It is therefore important that no more fluorescent lights be added to the décor of the room. Instead, the light should be supplement by natural means during the day. And though it is advisable to not use your electronic late at night to regulate one’s sleep-wake cycle, it is mandatory that use adjustable table lamps instead of overhead lights when working late at night.

These steps are proven to have reduced the risk of eyesight problems prevailing in youth and old people alike these days. You should also position your monitor in a way that it runs parallel to a window instead of being behind it or in front of it. Also, tilt your monitor or buy a monitor mount so that you don’t have to tilt your neck!

2. The Right Furniture

So, for starters, you might not have the budget to renovate the entire office and that is quite understandable, but if you’re looking at where to start I think you should opt for the chair. Now, a very crucial tip that I must provide you with is that don’t throw your money to the cashier and get that chair home.

Before you splurge on a chair, you should sit in it. Experts highly recommend that you should always sit in a chair and try it before buying it and that is why I strongly discourage you from buying a chair without sitting in it first. And even if you like the chair, you ought to check if it has a long-term warranty.

If it abides by these standards, then feel free to buy it. There are a few standards that you must keep in mind before you buy a chair. Such as, most of the elements of the chair should be adjustable. And it doesn’t end there, make sure the height adjustment is possible, and the armrests are fine. You should opt for a chair that moves 360 degrees and also allows for bouncing and rocking movements.

3. The Office Layout

Transitioning from an office to a home office is a difficult task; there would be many things you are used to, however, you won’t find them at home which might prove that performing the same tasks at home could be difficult. So whatever layout it is that you are considering for your home office; make sure that it is flexible and not permanent because you would still be getting used to it.

The furniture should not overcrowd the space, and you may adjust it as you please. A highly feasible tip for this kind of layout is that you should have everything on the wheels. If everything can be moved around feasibly, then you will easily be able to alter the layout of the room whenever you want. You’ll find that you might end up needing to wear glasses to leave, so you should have a satisfactory arrangement for your monitor mount.

Also, at some point, you might decide to give up your sedentary lifestyle and bring in a treadmill. It is crucial to remember that humans keep growing, and evolving all the time.

4. Make It Natural

One of the best home offices that I have come across in my entire career as a designer was… not designed by me. Instead, it was designed by my friend who did it for herself. She is not a designer, but when I asked her the secret behind the immaculate design, her response was, “I wanted to build something that would resonate with me.

I ruled out every norm of what a workplace should look like. I just stopped and asked myself: What do you want?” and she says that’s when the magic happened. She chose a room beside her lovely courtyard, and she had wall-length windows built in it. During the day, she said, she could make the most out of natural daylight even on the sunny days.

The view was spectacular. She is a writer by profession, and she stated that she observed a remarkable increase in her productivity and creativity levels. The bottom line is that remaining close to nature can serve a person in various ways. And it will sure as hell boost your creativity remarkably. You have to balance the comfort and aesthetic, and only then you will be able to cherish the perks of a home office.

5. Right Kind Of Distractions

Another considerable factor in determining what kind of distraction do you need? You might want to think about what background music would be played on the jukebox. My grandpa could work while listening to country music and that’s probably the worst. But anyway, take into consideration your choice of noise. I’m introverted by nature, and therefore I prefer listening to pink noise when I work. Yes, there are kinds of noise.

White noise is the kind in which the energy levels of the octaves are different, however in pink noise the energy levels of the octaves are identical, and therefore it hardly disrupts any of your ongoing thought processes, and it also aides by muting the changing sound energy in the surroundings.

This kind of noise is especially beneficial for people who are highly sensitive to external stimulus. Apart from that, you should focus on eliminating any distracting piece of art from your workspace. If you can do a paint makeover, then go for soft pastel colors.

Last but not the least, always remember to remain true to yourself and find your comfort zone. You should be able to recognize your style in the time of six months, and you can have your home office designed accordingly.

Regardless of what type of company you are and what your ambitions and goals are, having a good home office is crucial for success. Over the decades, working from home has become more common due to the streamlining of work and minimizing work travels. It doesn’t matter if you are an SEO and marketing company like or a SAS company, many (but not all) companies can often to a large extent allow working from home due to the fact that a lot of the work is nowadays often done on a computer.


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