Monday, March 27

Why you Shouldn’t be Reluctant to Give Customers Stuff for Free

Freebie marketing which includes giving things to customers for free is a very prevalent marketing strategy. It has evolved greatly over recent years. Initially, a lot of people marketers doubted the effectiveness of this strategy, but ultimately it proved to be one of the most popular ways for attracting customers.

Big companies should never hesitate to give their customers stuff for free occasionally. In this article, we will talk about the reasons why companies should act so.

It gives the brand more popularity

If a brand is just appearing on the market, freebie marketing is a perfect idea for increasing popularity. At the initial stage, not a lot of people may know about your product, thus giving away things could lead to raising the popularity of your product. It does not matter if it is food, fashion, technology, etc.

You gain more customers

Freebie marketing leads to an increased number of customers. And this fact has been proven by various researches. When in Canada, one of the leading countries in gambling industry employees of an online casino conducted research about how people reacted to casino bonuses in Canada, they got amazing results. People who were not interested in playing casino games at first became regular users. They even advised friends to try these bonuses. 

This fact applies not only to casinos. Take, for example, Steam, one of the largest video game distribution companies in the world. It frequently gives away premium games for free. Of course, Steam does not really lack clients but gaining more and more customers is always an excellent idea.

Sales are increased

With the help of freebie marketing, your brand gains more exposure and traffic also increases on your website. We live in a technological era where SEO(Search Engine Optimization) plays a huge role in sales. You are getting popular in the Internet space as well. People search you more often, and there are chances that you may appear on the first pages of Google, which eventually leads to increased sales. You do not want your website to be on the last page of the Internet of course.

The effect of word of mouth 

Reviews and personal experience still play an important role in promoting your product. When you offer a product to your customers for free, they give you a good rating and positive reviews almost every time. Word of mouth is still crucial in marketing. We listen to people’s advice regarding product and whether we should buy it or not. If we get too much positive feedback from our associates, then we are most likely to become a customer of a particular product.

Try to be reasonable

While freebie marketing is indeed a perfect strategy for your company’s popularity, an owner should always know the red line. You cannot simply give away everything for free. It will lead to losses. A good marketing strategy expert always knows when it is necessary to give away free stuff and when not. Even big brands might have a hard time selling their products, so seizing opportunities is always important.


Given all of the reasons above, freebie marketing can truly expand the reach of your company and have a positive impact on sales. You should always follow the guidelines when it comes to marketing, choose the strategy, which will be the best for you.

Selecting a proper target audience is very important. And while there are many types of how you can incorporate the freebie strategy, there is no standard answer – you should pick up the model which is the most effective and customized to your business model.

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