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Why Can’t I Reply to Messages on Instagram? How To Fix

So, you spent a fair amount of time scrolling through Instagram, watching reels, and catching up on some updates when you received a message in your Inbox. As you check what it is and prepare to reply to the message, you are faced with a big issue – You can’t seem to be able to reply to the messages.

How often do you struggle with this issue? Surprisingly, the problem is becoming increasingly apparent, which means you aren’t the only person facing the error. But the question is, “Why is it happening, and how can you fix it?”

This article will answer all your questions about why you can’t reply to messages on Instagram and its potential fixes.

5 Reasons Why Can’t I Reply Reply to Messages on Instagram?

Messages on Instagram

If you are an avid Instagram user, chances are you are sitting there confused about what’s happening when you can’t reply to the messages. There could potentially be several reasons why this could be happening.

To make things easier for you, we have sorted out the most common causes here:

1. Using an Outdated Instagram App

When was the last time you updated the Instagram app? If you haven’t updated your app in a long time, that’s one of the main reasons you can’t reply to direct messages on Instagram.

The updates introduce a lot more than new features. Most of these app updates come with patch fixes that address underlying software issues or technical glitches that could have been causing the error with the messages.

2. Unavailability in your Area

This is highly unlikely, but there could be a possibility that Instagram’s direct message option, instead of the option to reply to certain kinds of messages on Instagram, might be limited where you live. That could be a potential reason you can’t reply to the other person.

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3. Slow Internet Speed

Last on the list is a slow internet speed. Since Instagram relies on a stable internet connection for prompt functioning, it isn’t surprising that a slow internet speed could be a reason you can’t reply to the message or the reply isn’t getting delivered.

In that case, you can check the network speed and stability through an online internet speed checker. If the speed is significantly low, that’s a telltale sign that you need to fix things quickly.

4. Temporary Glitch

Sometimes, when you can’t reply to a specific message on Instagram, it could be no fault of yours but the social media application itself.

In some cases, temporary software glitches happen, which could lead to the issues you are experiencing. There’s not much you have to do, though, because the problem will either fix itself within a few minutes or Instagram will roll out relevant updates addressing it.

5. Corrupted App Cache

The app’s cache is another critical factor that could affect the app’s user experience. If you haven’t cleared the app cache in a long time, there are risks of it getting corrupted, which could be why you can’t reply to specific Instagram messages.

Identifying what’s contributing to the error is crucial because it helps you implement a relevant fix so you aren’t stuck there for hours trying to figure out how to make things work.

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6 Ways to Fix Not Being Able to Reply to Messages on Instagram

With the potential causes out of the way, let us focus on the troubleshooting steps. You can implement multiple fixes to see which works to fix the error.

1. Check Internet Connectivity Issues

One of the main reasons you are potentially struggling with errors while trying to reply to messages on Instagram is an unstable internet connection. It happens a lot more than you will realize.

Even if you have a slow internet speed or are facing issues with the stability of the connection, it will either prevent you from replying or the message won’t be delivered until you have a stable internet connection.

Either way, we’d suggest you do a speed test online to check the internet speed. If it’s slow, that will explain the errors you have been experiencing all this while. In that case, you can either restart your router and reconnect or switch to a different network with high-speed internet.

2. Clear the App’s Cache

clear instagram app cache

We discussed how a corrupted cache can make an app misbehave. If that’s the case with your Instagram app, clearing the app’s cache could be an effective way to navigate the issue.

Your aim is to clear the cache so it gets rid of the corrupted data and the Instagram app functions smoothly. You want to clear the cache of the apps that you use frequently. It prevents the apps from malfunctioning and keeps your device’s performance in check.

Following are the steps to clear the app cache:

  • Long-press the Instagram app’s icon on your homescreen.
  • Tap on “App info.”
  • Scroll down until you find “Storage usage.”
  • Click on “Clear cache.”

On iPhones, you don’t have the clear cache option, unfortunately. The only way to clear the cache is by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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3. Wait it Out

Temporary software and app glitches are universal and could be one of the reasons why your Instagram app is acting up.

In that case, you can do nothing except close the app and wait for some time. If it is a server-related issue, Instagram is working on resolving it. In that case, patience is your only way out of the situation.

For better clarifications, check on the internet if Instagram is down and facing server outages. If that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do to fix it from your end.

4. Update your Instagram App

Update your Instagram App

How often do you update your applications on the phone? If you aren’t a frequent updater, you are likely missing out on the latest updates and patch fixes.

If the “not being able to reply to messages” error was a temporary software issue, it is likely that Instagram’s new update will have a relevant patch fix.

This is why updating your mobile applications to the latest version is mandatory. It keeps the data safe, introduces you to new features, and allows you to mend many of the issues or errors you are experiencing frequently.

Depending on your smartphone, you can open the Play Store or App Store and update to the latest version.

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5. Opt for a VPN

Instagram is often gradual with the release of certain features, which means that there might be chances that Instagram hasn’t released a specific message feature or option where you live.

In that case, you can use a reliable and paid VPN service to switch to a different country where the feature is available. Once done, you can try out the feature and see if it helps you overcome the error.

6. Directly Contact Instagram’s Support Team

If none of the troubleshooting fixes are working out in your favor, the last thing you can do is report the problem to Instagram.

The steps are simple:

  • Open your Instagram app and shake your phone rigorously for a few seconds.
  • A pop-up appears where you can “Report a problem.”
  • Click on it, type the error you encounter, and let Instagram take care of the rest.

Instagram will look into the issue and suggest a relevant fix, which you can implement to overcome the error.

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Not being able to reply to messages on Instagram is an error many users have complained about over the years. If you have been experiencing a similar issue, we hope this article familiarizes you with the causes and the troubleshooting fixes to resolve the issue. We recommend being patient because the issue might be fixed within a few minutes.

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