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Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Internet Disconnection

Everyone has an internet connection. Whether it be for streaming, gaming, surfing, or socializing, no one can bear the interruption or slow-speed internet during all these activities. With the increase in smart home devices, video streaming services, and online gaming, maintaining a stable and fast internet connection is vital for seamless internet connectivity. 

If you are facing lags and disruptions while playing Call of Duty, or it takes hours instead of minutes to download a file, then it is time to gear up and troubleshoot the problem before contacting your Internet Service Provider. However, if the problem persists, Spectrum internet plans come with 24/7 customer support so an expert can guide you out of it. 

You do not need any technical expertise to troubleshoot the problem. Simply follow the instructions and continue with your routine online activities. 

Is the problem on one device or all the devices?

As discussed earlier, you don’t have to take your toolkit out to troubleshoot the internet. Start with one simple step – i.e. to check whether the internet problem is only limited to one device or all the devices. For instance, if your tablet is having a problem, do check whether the same problem persists on a computer or smartphone as well. If the problem is limited to one device, you can take the necessary steps to fix the issues within the machine. 

Moreover, you need to check whether your Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to the right SSID using the right password. On Windows, right-click on the network icon and select troubleshoot problems to run Windows Network Diagnostic. It can fix the common issues by resetting your router. Also, check network adapter settings to confirm that the adapter is using the correct settings and gateway. 

Scan for Viruses

Most of the time your internet connection can get disrupted due to malicious code on the device. Make sure to do regular virus scans to detect spyware and malware infecting your device. All of these viruses can disrupt the surfing speed and overall performance of your device. If you are using Windows 10, you can use Windows Defender that does the job nicely and is built-in. 

Check Your Internet Package 

If your internet is not delivering the right speed that you have paid for, simply run a speed test by logging on to The site as the name suggests checks the speed of your internet. By running this test, you will get a number in megabits per second, which denotes the speed of the internet you are experiencing currently. 

If the speed is less than what is told by your ISP, just call the customer representative to fix the issue. However, if multiple devices are running simultaneously with heavy usage, you might need to upgrade your package. Check out the plans provided by different Internet Service Providers and compare them side by side. Subscribe to the one that offers the best value for the money. 

Bypass Your DNS Server

After entering the URL in your browser, your system looks for the IP address of the particular website through the DNS server. Most of the time there are problems with the server, making it hard to visit the websites.  

Try to avoid your DNS server by typing the IP address in your browser. If the page loads correctly, you need to alter your DNS server. Or in some cases, you may need to remove your DNS cache to fix the problem. 

Check the Lights on Your Router or Modem 

If your internet is not working properly or you can’t connect to it, make sure to check your router or modem. You will find LED indicators that are lit up. In case, none of them are lit up, you need to check the power supply. 

Upgrade Your Router 

If you are using the same old router for years, it is now time to change and buy a new one. Make sure to buy a dual-band router that gives two radio bands. One of the bands can be dedicated to the clients that require huge bandwidth – such as gaming online or streaming movies. Moreover, the newer routers incorporate the latest technologies and deliver optimal speed. 

Final Verdict 

If you are experiencing slow internet speed, make sure to follow the aforementioned steps without putting yourself in the struggle. 

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