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What You Need if You Always Carry Your Laptop with You

What You Need if You Always Carry Your Laptop with You

In this digital age where also all activities we carry out are done through the internet, the need for electronics which are vehicles for accessing the web is steadily on the rise. We always have our smartphones on us wherever we go and presently, we carry out laptops around with us too. Whether you are on the move to work, or to a friend’s place or traveling from one place to another, our laptops go with us. How do we then carry it? The kroser backpack is one great backpack to invest in. Designed to keep your laptop fully protected and easy on your shoulders, it makes carrying your laptop and other things which you can carry along with it easy. So, asides from your laptop which other things can you carry with you if you have your laptop always with you.

Your laptop charger

This is a definite must carry along. Since you would most likely be working form different places like a coffee shop and not just in your home, there is a need to have your laptop charger with you at all times. This further ensures you have no break in your working process say downloading a file or a skype call, just because your laptop runs out of juice.

A notepad 

This is also a good item to carry with you. You might not always be in a situation where you can reach for your laptop and pen down ideas or the response to an email that has been on your mind, you can easily whip out your notepad, scribble down your thoughts as you move along. A notepad is also great for times when you need to save the battery life of your laptop, say perhaps you are in transit between connecting flights, instead of whipping out your laptop, a notepad might suffice to help you keep working till you can use your laptop again.


This makes sense if you will have a notepad with you. You might not always have the opportunity to type, you might just have to write it down. Having a pen handy is great as you would not be burdened with borrowing one from someone sitting close to you because they might not have any handy to loan you. There are a lot of affordable pens that come in a pack that you could purchase and keep at hand.

Business Cards

No matter your status in that organization, either as an employee or a business owner, having your business cards on hand is a must. Even if you are a freelancer as long as you carry your laptop around to help you in your work, it is a wise move to have your business cards available. This aids you in networking as you meet different people every day. It helps share the business you do with them and a means by which they can reach you or even remember you when they need your service or even invite you to lunch or dinner.

An Extension Cord

This might just save your work plus time and money. You don’t always get to work from home so, you might find yourself in a location that has few power outlets and you need to charge. Having an extension cord might just be the solution for you at that point. So, it is safe to say, it is a good thing to carry with you as long as you have your laptop with you.

Whiteboard markers

Heading for a presentation or about to take a class? Whiteboard markers like we find out are always dried up. So, having that, two in your bag isn’t such a bad idea. This way you are fully prepared to deliver on your class or presentation with having to look for a whiteboard marker. It could also be you offering the whiteboard marker to the facilitator of a class you go for. Find out the whiteboard marker is dried up? Give yours and enjoy your class.

A Highlighter

Preparing for a test, reading a book from your booklist of the year, preparing a paper, conducting a research paper, a highlighter will go a long way towards helping you mark the pages you need to reference from when you need to cross-check your facts or remember a quote. Highlighters are a must-carry as they help you when reading.

Some other things which you could carry with you are a small kit when contains basic essentials like aspirin which you can take when a headache rears its head while you work, a small band-aid which you could use to cover any small cuts you have that don’t require a visit to the emergency room, a small toolkit that contains tiny tools like a screwdriver, this depends on you. Some people goas far as having a comb in their bags, just to make sure they don’t look harried when they arrive at their destinations. It goes a long way to look presentable and this can be achieved by heading into the restroom and running a comb through your hair.

Some individuals call their backpacks or laptops bags their mobile office and so, they ensure that the bag is equipped with all the things they would need as they move around. There is no hard and fast rule to what you can carry around with you asides from the basic essentials your laptop needs like your charger, everything else will be determined by your need for those items. No matter what you carry along with you, it would be determined by how important that item is to you. Just remember, to have a bag that is comfortable for you to carry, has enough space for all things you need to carry with your laptop, is lightweight even with all your items in it and doesn’t no pull you at the shoulders as this would make you uncomfortable as you move. What you will often see people who are “digital nomads” or have their office in their bags are leather backpacks, for example, These are large enough for storing everything you may need in your digital office.

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