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Things to Consider when buying gin in Singapore

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Gin is one of the more popular tipples in Singapore, with bars stocking up to 20 different types. However, with so many brands available, it’s easy to get carried away and spend more than you planned on your favorite spirit. Knowing what you should consider when you want to buy gin in Singapore will help avoid overspending and ensure that your taste buds get their value for money. Of course, these are just some factors out of many to consider when you want to buy gin in Singapore; they’re not exhaustive but may help you make an informed choice if you don’t know much about the subject already.

Below we look at factors that should help when you want to buy gin in Singapore:


Gin is generally quite expensive, but you can find bargain bottles out there, especially during gin festivals or happy hours. You might also want to look for mixes that are cheaper than the straight spirit.

Bottles sizes:

It’s easy to assume that larger would mean better value for money; however, if the bottle only holds 700ml, it may be too diluted compared to its 750ml counterpart. Again, price plays a part here as well – sometimes you’re paying for presentation rather than alcohol content.

Alcohol content:

Similar to the sizing issue above, many fancy bottles contain less ethanol than average because of their flowery designs or cute teddy bears on them. Some bars will serve drinks containing less alcohol so that they don’t have to pay more tax on them.

Mixers and other additives:

Many gin mixes contain sugar, while some are low on alcohol content, so you have to use more of it when mixing with tonic or juice. The best ones are those that only contain pure ethanol, water, citric acid, and quinine. If you’re watching your weight, these pre-mixed drinks might not be for you – better to mix straight spirit with soda water or juice instead.

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Presentation and packaging:

Gin usually comes in clear bottles so that you can see what’s inside it. However, some brands come in opaque bottles, making judging their contents difficult (it could be watered down or thickened). Some companies spend a lot of money on the design and presentation of their bottles, so you should be aware that their efforts may not always reflect the quality of what’s inside.

Reviews and recommendations:

While professional reviews online can come in handy, word-of-mouth from friends is even better when looking for a good gin to purchase or trying out at a bar. You can usually find out which brands and labels people like and dislike by asking around. If someone recommends a brand, it often means they’ve tried it personally; online reviews are usually based on personal experiences, too but might not represent your preferences.

Location/availability/shops selling gin:

If you can’t find a particular brand or type of gin at your local liquor store, there’s usually a good reason for it. Some bottles are so common that supply often outstrips demand – so if you have trouble finding something, the hype surrounding it might not be worth it.

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