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How to Renew your Malaysian Passport Online

A Malaysian passport is issued to all citizens and normally requires a renewal every 5 years. If your ID is about to expire, you must apply for a new one. The procedure goes under the jurisdiction of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Read the post to find out the ways to get your passport renewed as soon as possible.

Recent Changes

Previously, you could apply both in-person and online. But pandemic restrictions led to certain limitations. Beginning from 2021 (March), you can submit your application only in a digital format. These are necessary measures to avoid social interaction and stop the spread of the virus. On a more positive note, online procedures are faster and more convenient as you don’t have to go anywhere physically.

Prepare Your Docs

There are not that many documents that you need to collect:

  • The passport of a Malaysian citizen that is about to expire
  • A bank statement with the data about your bank account in Malaysia with a min. of RM 200 
  • A MyIMMs compliant passport photo in a digital format

Take the Photo Yourself

There are much more convenient ways to get the required image done without going to the actual photo centre. Take a shot with your phone and upload it to an online editor service and have everything done in seconds. It will:

  • Remove the background and add a white backdrop in its place without ruining the quality
  • Crop the image (35×50 mm, from 100 kb to 1 MB)
  • Make sure it matches all official specifications (head proportion, space between the top of the head and the upper part of the image, eye position etc.)

After that, you get a link to download the digital picture. Attach it to your application, and rest assured your application will be accepted without a doubt.

Tips for Taking the Pics at Home

Light and Background

If you want a picture of better quality, use natural light as your source of lighting. You can go outside or stand near the window, either way is fine. Make sure there’s no shadowing or over exposure on your face. Even the online service can’t fix such a thing.

It helps if your background is already monochrome. But it’s not critical, as the software can cut it out and substitute the background with the white color no problem.

Clothes and Jewelry

Choose any color other than white, as long as it’s not too bright or professional work attire. Make sure your shoulders are covered, as their top will be in the frame. Avoid multi-colored garments and anything lacking contrast.

As far as the accessories go, classic studs won’t draw the focus away from your face and should be your safe choice.


It’s the most important part. Here’s a quick tip to help you appear more natural: stand straight, with shoulders a little back and head tilted up. Your silhouette should already be more elegant and neat.

Remain looking friendly, with no frowning or expressive smiling. Relax and focus your eyes on the camera.

Apply Online

Once the documents and the picture are ready, go to the MyIMMs e-services. It’s an official portal where you can access your online application. Answer the required questions, pay the fee (100-200 RM), and attach the documents before submitting. Double check all your data before the final step. Incorrect information is a reason for rejection.

If your passport is about to expire, there is only 1 way to have it renewed: online services. The process is simpler, faster, and more convenient than it used to be. Follow these tips to avoid any problems with your passport renewal.

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