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RTP and RNG Slots Explained

Slot gambling has endured a fascinating evolution over the last century, going from incredibly simple slot machines back in the late 1800s, all the way through to the highly complex online slots available in the 21st century because of developers like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming or Microgaming. It is safe to say that the world has never seen a gambling game quite like slots and online slots, and we’re not sure there is ever going to be an invention that will top these things either. 

The modern world of online slots is simply perfect. Not only can slot gamblers spin the reels from quite literally anywhere because of the emergence of Tony Bet mobile slots, but we are also all treated to a delightful array of slot bonus features, some of which can end up being extremely lucrative. Want to know a little more about RTP and RNG slots? Keep reading for an article on RTP and RNG slots explained… 

What does RNG mean? 

Let’s start with RNG – what does it mean? RNG is an abbreviation of Random Number Generator, a piece of software that is absolutely essential to the slots industry and has been ever since the invention of video slots in the 1980s. A Random Number Generator is quite literally a generator of random numbers, and developers use it to keep their slot games spinning randomly and fairly. 

Back in the mechanical slot machine days, this was done via other methods, however, in order to make the switch to digital developers had to work out a way to keep the reels spinning completely randomly.

What are RNG slots? 

If you see somebody use the term RNG slot, they are basically just referring to any slot game made after the 1980s, as all of these will use RNGs.

A slot game without an RNG would have to have a mechanical set of reels, so remember that when trying to make the distinction.

What does RTP mean?

That’s RNG slots out of the way, now onto RTP. RTP is also an abbreviation, however this time it stands for Return To Player. This relates to the average return on a slot player’s bets over a slot gambling session, and it is much like getting the odds of a specific slot game.

RTP ratings are given as percentages, and most of them will be in the 90% range somewhere. So, for example, if a gambler is playing a slot game with an RTP of 96% (usually seen as the average), this means that they will win back 96% of their wager on average. That means if you spent £100 on a slot game, you would be expecting £96 back on average. 

How do I use RTP to my advantage?

RTP is quite an easy thing to use to your advantage, mainly because it gives you a solid thing to aim for when choosing an online slot game to play. In most cases, high RTP slots will pay out more, so it makes sense to choose them, or any other situs judi slot online.

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