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Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Solar for Your Office

If you run a business, you might be considering getting solar for your office. They are many reasons to do so, such as saving money and looking after the environment. However, there are several things you will want to think about first.

Building regulations

You might need to get planning permission first. Even if you’re fairly sure you don’t need it, the sensible option is to check first to avoid any legal issues further down the line. It’s your business that will suffer if you pay for solar panels and installation, only to discover later that you have to get it taken down. The specialists at Solar Power Hervey Bay will be able to help by answering any questions you have in more depth.

The condition and shape of your roof

If your roof is likely to need replacing soon, the cheapest option in the long term will be to get it sorted out before having panels installed. Skimping on costs isn’t advised, as you will most likely get the level of quality you pay for. A stronger and better quality roof will last longer and have the capability of withstanding the weight of the panels.

Thinking about the position of your roof and the direction the panels would be facing will also tell whether they would be in the best location to get sunlight and if there is anything you can do to improve this, such as cutting down trees or removing fences (which again, you could need to seek permission for).

Paying attention to the shape of your roof will ensure you choose the right panels to fit it. You’ll also want to consider where the water might run to when it rains and look at ways of avoiding any potential problems.

If you have clients or customers regularly entering the premises, you don’t want to make the trail through lots of dirty water. It looks unsightly, isn’t great to wade through, and can put them off using your business, causing them to go to your competitors instead.

The contract

In the current economic climate, many businesses are barely getting by, so working out how much you can afford to spend is a must. You can stick to your budget by checking the contract to ensure this doesn’t exceed it, and confirming how often you should reasonably be expected to pay for any maintenance for the solar system.

In addition, you will want to check when work will be done to minimize any disruptions and plan your workload and that of your employees, such as allocating work that can be carried out from home or elsewhere out of the office in the timeframe given in the contract.

Speaking to your staff and finding out what will work for them is the best way to keep your business going in a short time it will take for the installation to be completed.

Checking your payment options so you can budget, and ensuring you have an appropriate warranty are also important things to check for in the contract.

Check out your contractor

You’ll need to research whether your contractor is trustworthy. You can do this by finding reviews online. Don’t just check their website or any social media they have. Look for impartial websites where reviews and other feedback can be left, check out discussions on related forums, and check their credentials.

Doing the work yourself

If money is short, you might be thinking about doing the work yourself or getting someone unqualified to do it for less than you would pay a professional. This is a bad idea for several reasons. It can lead to problems such as faulty wiring, a leaking roof, breaking safety standards, and putting yourself and others at risk. If any of these things happen, you won’t be insured, people could get hurt and your reputation will suffer.


In case the worst happens, you will need to check if your insurance covers the solar panels, or update your policy if it doesn’t. Otherwise, if you have any issues as a result of installation, you might not be covered again.


Although you will save your business money eventually, the initial cost (especially if no payment plan is offered) is high, so you should find out if you are entitled to any rebates as this would help towards the preliminary cost.

It might sound like there are a lot of hurdles to getting solar for your office. Although planning check everything thoroughly can reduce these. You’ll find there can be a lot of advantages too.

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