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Practical Reasons to Use a Clipboard Manager

A clipboard manager is a tool that lets you temporarily store data on your computer and access them using keyboard shortcuts or a right-click when needed. This tool primarily uses three common commands, which are Cut, Copy, and Paste. You can cut or copy the data you want to use or remember on your clipboard and access it later.

The Cut (Ctrl + X) command can be used to remove data from a document, the Copy (Ctrl + C) command is used to copy the data from a document while retaining it in the original document, and then Paste (Ctrl + V) command is used to place the cut or copied data on the clipboard. If used correctly, this feature can be useful in many ways. Here are some practical reasons to use a clipboard manager.

Advanced Features in Third-Party Apps

Suppose you are not satisfied with the clipboard manager available on your operating system. In that case, you can download a third-party clipboard manager that offers way more features than the basic version. The ClipClip clipboard manager developers recommend using the program for it keeps your data organized with folders and lets you customize your own shortcuts.

The translation feature, which is rarely available in most clipboard managers, lets you work in multiple languages with ease. Another feature, which is the ‘Pinned Clips’ function, allows you to take snippets of important data and store them for later use.

Makes Toggling Between Apps Easy

If you need to use a lot of apps at once and copy information from one source to another, a clipboard manager can come in handy. Whether it’s a large piece of information you need to copy or just bits of data you need to transfer, a clipboard manager makes toggling between apps easily and keeps track of your tasks.

Certain apps also let you paste multiple things at once. You just need to run the ‘Paste’ option, and the app will automatically paste the items that are copied as long as the option runs. An advanced search feature lets you search specific words or text by accessing the pop-up widget and using the hotkey combination. This will lead you to the clipboard manager’s history, after which you can search the text you require.

Boosts Productivity

Since your clipboard manager lets you store data in one place, you can save a lot of time and avoid the hassle. With this tool, you no longer have to fret over remembering locations and places where you stored important data. At times, you waste hours of your precious time finding information that you previously searched.

This may lead to exceeding deadlines and the inability to finish your work on time. With a clipboard manager, store and access your data at one place, thereby boosting productivity and finishing your tasks on time. When it comes to enhancing your productivity and improving focus when working with multiple documents and files at once, take help from a clipboard manager.

It is Handy

If you use several usernames and passwords at once, you store them in your clipboard manager and access them whenever needed. Unless your passwords aren’t sensitive, you can rely on this tool to get access to multiple accounts at once. However, if you worry about your passwords being stolen, use a password manager instead.

Since most clipboard managing tools are readily available and can be accessed for free, you can use them when working. In an advanced version, the app will also identify the items that are copied and pasted, thereby helping you find items with ease. Another feature that produces a sound cue notifies you of the item being pasted in the clipboard manager as soon as the action is fulfilled.

Preview Images

Clipboard managers also let you cut, copy, and paste images on the mainboard. This is particularly useful during studies and research work where you need to refer to a lot of data at once. Additionally, you can preview these images on the mainboard as well as the pop-up widget. If you copy and paste several images but cannot find the one you are looking for, you can check the details in the tool’s history.

Since clipboard managers are available on almost every operating system, everyone can benefit from this amazing tool. As mentioned, you can also use a third-party tool to access the more advanced features.

Whether you are a student, an employee, a software engineer, or a professor, a clipboard manager will help you in multiple ways. Almost every clipboard managing tool comes with a friendly interface, which makes it easy to use.

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