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Most Effective Ways To Get More Views on Instagram Stories

Most Effective Ways To Get More Views on Instagram Stories

Not long ago, Instagram added hashtags and locations to Instagram Stories which meant featuring the best Stories at the top of that respective hashtag or location.

Of course, getting your Story featured at the top of a hashtag or location gives your account a ton of exposure and will help you grow your account.

But just because you add hashtags and location don’t mean your Story will be automatically picked to be showcased on that particular hashtag/location.

To help you increase the chances of getting your Story featured and get tons of exposure, I’ve compiled an article with the Most Effective Ways To Get More Views on Instagram Stories, not talking about the quality of your Stories etc., but instead how you can implement hashtags and location to get more Instagram views.

Most Effective Ways To Get More Views on Instagram Stories


The first thing you want to do is tag a location. To add a location, simply go to your Story and slide up on the screen and choose “Location”.

What I have found is that if you add a very specific location versus a broad, you have a higher chance of getting into two categories instead of just one.

For example, if you’re in New York, should you tag New York, which is a very broad tag, or should you tag a more specific location such as Empire State Building. Obviously, you want to go for the more specific tag.


After you’ve tagged a location, you want to tap on the screen to get access to the text part, where you can add hashtags.

Simply write the “#” followed by the tag you want to add.

A good hashtag to use is the location you are in, but this time in hashtag format, for example, #NewYork. You can also tag different varieties of the location name, such as #NY.

Try to get around 5 or 6 hashtags per Story.

You can also hashtag emojis in your Story if you’d like, since these work too.

If you’ve done 5 or 6 hashtags, your screen probably looks very messy and it’s difficult to see your actual video or photo.

What you want to do now is to put one finger on your hashtags and one on the top of the screen and drag your hashtags down, out of the picture. Your hashtags won’t be visible now, but they will still be able to rank for public Stories. Best of all, your Story won’t be cluttered with hashtags and hard to see.

Because hashtags are generally very distracting from the content you’re making, this is a great way to get the reach while making it all about your content.

There’s a catch…

Not every single hashtag or Story, in general, gets placed on top hashtag Stories or locations, so there’s no guarantee that you will actually get more views or followers, but the more you do it, the more likely it’s going to be that it will happen.

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