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How To Send Fake Live Locations on WhatsApp?


Are you looking to include a small zest to your chats or drag off a safe trick? Sending a fake live area on WhatsApp might just be the trap you would like. Whether you need to shock your companions, dodge an ungainly circumstance, or basically have a little fun, this direct will tell you how to do it in a couple of ways straightforward steps.

Why Share a Fake Location on WhatsApp?

There is bounty of reasons why you might need to fake your area on WhatsApp:

1) Surprise Your Cherished Ones

 Need to shock your family or companions on their birthday or commemoration? Sending a fake area can include a component of shock to your messages.

2) April Fools Day Tricks 

Looking to pull off an entertaining trick on April Fool’s Day? Faking your area can assist you to organize the idealized joke.

3) Safety Concerns 

When communicating with outsiders or in open gathering chats, you might need to ensure your genuine area for security reasons.

4) Avoiding Undesirable Invitations

 If you’re not within the disposition to go to an occasion or meet up with somebody, faking your area can be an unpretentious way to decrease without causing offense.

5) Protecting Your Protection Online

 When sharing your address or area online, employing a fake title or area can offer assistance to secure your protection.

How To Send a Fake Live Location on WhatsApp?

Sending a fake live area on WhatsApp can be a fun way to trick your companions or include a component of shock to your discussions. Whereas WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in highlight for sending fake areas, you’ll be able utilize third-party apps to realize this. Here’s how you’ll do it:

1) Built-in Operations 

The best way to send a fake location on WhatsApp is to physically enter the area’s subtle elements. Begin by opening a chat, tapping on the connection symbol, selecting “Area,” and after that manually entering the fake area points of interest. Be that as it may, this strategy isn’t idiot proof and may not be as persuading as using third-party apps.

2) TailorGo [iOS and Android]

TailorGo could be a proficient area changer that permits you to fake your live area on WhatsApp with ease. Basically download the app, select the specified area, and share it together with your contacts. TailorGo offers a range of highlights that make faking your area secure and reliable.

3) Fake GPS Area [Android] 

For Android clients, the Fake GPS Area app could be a prevalent choice for faking your live area on WhatsApp. Introduce the app, empower taunt areas in your gadget settings, and after that set your wanted area. The app permits you to customize your area settings and make your fake area show up more persuading.

FAQs About WhatsApp

WhatsAppWhatsApp offers different highlights related to area sharing, and understanding how to oversee these highlights can upgrade your protection and client involvement. Here are a few habitually inquired questions almost overseeing area settings on WhatsApp:

1) How to Turn Off Live Area on WhatsApp Without Others Knowing?

To turn off live area sharing on WhatsApp watchfully, take after these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Security > Live Location.
  • Here, you’ll select to halt sharing your live area without cautioning others. Essentially tap on “Halt sharing.”

2) How to Halt Sharing a Live Area in a Particular Chat or Group?

If you need to halt sharing your live area in a particular chat or gather, take after these steps:

  • Open the chat or bunch where you’re sharing your live location.
  • Tap on the attachment icon (paperclip) within the chat bar.
  • Select “Area” and after that tap on “Halt sharing” to desist sharing your live location.

3) How to Stick an Area on WhatsApp?

Pinning an area on WhatsApp permits you to save a particular area for simple reference. Here’s how you’ll stick a location:

  • Tap on the connection symbol within the chat bar.
  • Select “Area” and select the area you need to pin.
  • Once the area is chosen, tap on the stick symbol to spare it.

4) How to Debilitate Area Authorizations for WhatsApp on Android and iOS Devices?

To impair area consents for WhatsApp on your Android or iOS gadget, take after these steps:

  • For Android: Go to your phone’s settings, explore to Apps > WhatsApp > Authorizations, and cripple area permissions.
  • For iOS: Go to your phone’s settings, explore to Protection > Area Administrations > WhatsApp, and cripple area access.

Managing your area settings on WhatsApp can assist you keep up your security and control over your area data. Make beyond any doubt to audit and alter these settings concurring to your inclinations regularly.


Sending a fake live area on WhatsApp can undoubtedly include a special component to your discussions, whether you’re pointing out a perky trick or an inventive shock. In any case, it’s basic to keep in mind to utilize these highlights capably and with regard for others’ privacy. When choosing a strategy to fake your area, consider utilizing proficient devices like Tailor.

Go or Fake GPS Area, as they offer more control and unwavering quality compared to physically entering fake areas. These instruments can assist you accomplish your objective securely and viably, without causing any hurt or inconvenience to others.

So, another time you need to flavor up your chats or include a bit of fervor to your intuition, do not delay to provide fake live areas. Fair keep in mind to utilize them shrewdly and in great spirits, and you’re beyond any doubt to have a great time along with your WhatsApp discussions!

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