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7 Things To Keep in Mind While Streaming On Your Android Device

Streaming services have replaced our conventional satellite and cable TV subscriptions. Now you don’t have to wait a week for the next episode or bear those painful advertisements that cover your TV screen every few minutes.

Gradually the entertainment industry is beginning to get more and more accessible to everyone. The world is starting to embrace handheld devices that can easily fit into your pockets.

Yes, we are referring to smartphones. More specifically, Android devices. Now you can stream your favorite shows on your Android phone anywhere with a few simple clicks.

Despite there being geo-restrictions and content distribution limitations, the next-generation technology has even made it possible to stream shows that are geo-blocked by the streaming service provider with the help of a virtual private network.

One of the most common examples of this can be seen in the form of Netflix libraries being accessible from all around the world with the help of VPNs.

It won’t be easy though, however, once you do get yourself a VPN, you’ll see how far the VPNs and unblocking tools have come.

For example, if you wish to view a certain streaming service that is geo-blocked everywhere but in Australia, then you will require a VPN to change your actual IP address with an Australian IP address so that you can access that streaming content outside Australia. 

No matter which streaming service you are watching or which device you are using, there are always a few things to consider to make your streaming experience as smooth as possible.

So, sit back and check out the seven things you need to consider while streaming on your Android phone.

High-speed internet connection

It should come as no surprise that a high-speed and stable internet connection is essential for smooth, seamless, buffer less streaming.

If the internet connection speed is slow, it will directly affect your streaming experience and video quality.

You must invest in a high-speed internet connection so that you can enjoy various streaming services without any lag or buffering issues.

Using a streaming application

It is highly recommended to use a streaming application instead of streaming the content via the website on the browser.

With the streaming application, you will get fast, compact, easy, and organized access to the streaming service. The application can also help you make better decisions concerning what to watch next on the service.

Always try to download the official streaming application from a legit, verified source such as Google Play Store and avoid third-party suspicious sources for the download. But don’t just limit yourself to this, there are also some other streaming secrets that you should keep in mind.

Avoid suspicious websites

While trying to locate various streaming websites to watch your favorite show, you can easily invite multiple dangerous malwares onto your device.

This harmful malware can be in the form of automatic downloads and can easily intercept your device data and steal your personal information.

Many Ransomwares originates from such malicious websites. Your personal information will be stolen, and then you will be asked for ransom to retrieve it back.

Therefore, it is always recommended to use a legitimate website for online streaming on your Android device.

Use Android OS version 5 or above

For uninterrupted and bufferless streaming, your Android OS version should be at least 5 or above. If you can upgrade to the latest Android OS version, that’s even better.

It is pretty natural for malware and ransomware to affect the Android devices running OS version 4. To protect your device from such threats, make sure to update your device operating system version to 5 or above.

As long as your device remains protected from these threats, your streaming experience will be pleasant.

Stream on your Smart TV

Most streaming applications allow the user to cast or share the content from one device to another. This way, the user can share the content from Android phones to their Smart TV.

It is one of the most popular methods used by Android phone users to enjoy their favorite shows on the big screens instead of small phone screens.

If you don’t know how to cast the stream on your Smart TV, you can check out the steps below.

  1. Both devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Launch the streaming app and locate the casting option from within it
  3. Enable the casting option
  4. Connect your Smart TV to the casting

Use a Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network is an ideal and most efficient way to bypass the content geo-restrictions set up by the streaming service.

A VPN allows you to mask your actual IP address to get access to the streaming service by fooling it into thinking that you are accessing it from the authorized.

For example, if you are located in the United Kingdom, you wish to access US Netflix content. You simply connect a VPN to a US server, and you can access US Netflix libraries while sitting inside your home in the United Kingdom.

With that being said, you’ll need to choose a trusted VPN. After all, there are some malicious Android apps that can seriously harm your device. Always go for trusted Android VPN apps that you can find on the Google Playstore. That’s the only way you can safely access geo-restricted streaming services with ease.

Live event streaming via the authentic website

Suppose you have to stream any live event on your Android device. In that case, it is highly recommended that you choose the official channel or the link/website provided by the official organizer of the event.

Android phone or any phone device is a go-to option whenever you wish to get immediate access to streaming content. Now that you understand the basics, it’s time you take your handheld streaming experience to the next level.

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