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How does Betting Work? A Guide for Beginners GUEST POST

Betting has increased in popularity over the years. This is particularly true due to the increased use of the internet and the availability of live betting. In this article, we are looking closer at how betting works and what you should think about when betting.

To begin with, you should set aside a sum for the start-up fund from your personal finances that you know you can afford to lose, and which do not affect you too negatively if you should lose everything.

Many people ask how big a starting budget should be when you start betting and the answer to that question is that it depends on how much you can set aside for games. If you’re just starting out, a good starting fund can be 500 USD according to https://22bet.com.sn/en/live.

When you have set aside money for the purpose, you must open an account with a betting company.

When opening an account with a gaming company for the first time, it can be good to think about certain things. To begin with, you must make sure that the betting site is established, credible, and reputable.

Check what fees are associated with the betting company you choose, such as fees and withdrawals, as well as what kinds of different depositing and withdrawal methods. Also, check what the payout time on potential profits is and how many bank days this is.

It can also be a good idea to look at whether the company in question has any bonuses on your first deposit to get more to start playing with. A typical bonus can be 100% up to $ 500, which means that if you deposit $ 300, you get $ 300 extra from the gaming company. You then have $ 600 to play for.

Also, make sure that you choose a company that offers a wide range of matches and different sports.

When you have come this far, just open your account and you can start playing.


As we mentioned earlier, you start with a start-up fund, and it is important that you keep discipline when it comes to your budget from the beginning. That you, for example, do not throw away 50% of the cash on the first game.

Many players set limits on their play regarding how much to bet on an item, this is an important thing to make your cash last, both in terms of good periods and bad periods. A good guideline can be to bet between 1-5% of your cash on a single game, where maybe 1% corresponds to a game where you are not so sure, and 5% corresponds to a game with a good chance.

When your cash then grows or decreases, you can recalculate 1-5%.

A healthy budget can be the difference between survival and decay when a bad period comes.

Accounting and book keeping

Another very important thing in betting is that you do accounting on your bets. This so that you can keep track of how your betting is going. Tracking bets and results is something that all serious players do.

By doing book keeping of your games allows you at a later stage to go back and analyze what, for example, went wrong during a bad period, you can keep track of how your gambling goes over a specific period or for an individual sport or league.

Playing without doing accounting fr your games can easily cause you to fall blind and perhaps lose discipline for your betting. Your accounting can suggest you show your average odds, your ROI or Hit-Rate, etc. It is important to do book keping of your betting to be able to survive and win in the long run.

Choose the right sport and odds

At first, it may be easiest if you choose to play a sport that you have expertise about and know about. This is to simplify information gathering but also to increase the chances of winning.

It goes without saying that you have a greater chance of winning if you play in a sport or league that you know something about, unlike betting in a sport or league that you know nothing about.

When you are going to develop your betting, it is very important that you have the latest news about the match/team you intend to bet on. If one of the teams has a lot of injuries, maybe even injuries to key players, poor weather, and so on.

There are many things that can affect a team, and therefore, it is important to have the right information and make sure you are educated. Keeping track of these things is very important before placing a bet.

It is also an advantage if you already have a good knowledge of the league you intend to play in from the beginning, you may know which teams are good and which teams are not as good and so on. If, for example, you are betting on the NHL, it is an advantage if you are also interested, because then you usually also have a great deal of knowledge.

Knowledge and information are the cornerstones of playing sports and a good tool when it comes to betting right in a match.
When you then master your betting, you can move on to start playing more sports and leagues.

Advice and tips

Since usually, the odds on a match can differ from company to company, it can be good to have accounts with several companies, this is so that you can take part in the highest odds. You can compare the odds of the best betting companies on different matches so that you know that you win the most money possible on each bet placed.

Team motivation can be crucial and should be considered a major factor to consider no matter how much the difference between the teams.

It rarely pays to play with the heart, ie just because you are on a team does not mean that they will win – be realistic.

Stick to singles if you want to win in the long run, playing triples and so on only increases the risk of losing your money.

Never play for money you can not afford to lose, sports betting should be something fun and rewarding, not a burden. If you feel that you are starting to lose control of your gambling, stop and, if necessary, seek help.

How do you analyze a match to bet on?

To begin with, this is one of the forms of play where most factors come into play! Everything from the quality of the players and the coaches’ skill, home strength/weakness, injury situations, daily form, motivation, and a number of additional points.

The quality of the players usually lays the foundation for how you choose to take a stand on the starting position when you have chosen a match to bet on. The first thing you usually do next is to go through the injury situation in both teams, make a summary on a piece of paper in front of you, check backups in the team.

Then you have a new situation to evaluate the playing teams, and it may not be as safe as you first thought as perhaps the key players are missing. Here you have two options; if it looks bad, you can always take a chance anyway, otherwise, you give a clear rejection and look for another playable match to spend the money on, of course after analyzing it as well.

If the situation looks good for how you had intended to play, you move on to the next step. The step that many people usually take after analyzing the teams is to check the daily form and the current situation in the team. A number of wins prior can have a great effect on their performance. It’s all about self-confidence and daring to do that little extra.

A team that has a bad form may not really dare to step forward that extra half meter that is so important. The team is important, the mental state of the players is important, but they are people after all. Morale drops easily in adversity and then it is not time to bet loads of money unless it is the opponents you are betting on.

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