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Getting Some Feedback from Elusive Generation Z Consumers

Getting Some Feedback from Elusive Generation Z Consumers

For a long time now, the impact of the generation Z consumer on the purchasing power of most households was almost inconsequential. Today, however, 93% of parents make purchases that are informed by the opinions of their kids, who currently make up the generation Z demographic. As a demographic that was previously considered a minority by marketers, this group has turned into a group that businesses cannot ignore when making market surveys.

Feedback from generation Z (Source: Pixabay

Just like all other generations behind them, generation Z consumers also have unique triggers that marketers need to understand. Businesses that manage to get feedback from this generation will have a high chance of gaining a competitive advantage.

Here are some resourceful insights on how to get feedback from this demographic the right way:

What Makes Generation Z Tick?

Generation Z consumers are a demographic of digital natives, people who don’t know a world without the internet. They were born after 1995. This means that they are exceptionally social and mobile, owing to their use of social media apps and smartphones since birth.

They also expect to receive content that is personalized to their own liking. Given that they spend a good part of their time online, they are used to consuming content that is personalized by algorithms on social media platforms and other software. Lastly, they are completely vocal and would like their opinions to be heard.

Employ Rich Media 

This generation is already accustomed to rich media, which is a staple of most social media platforms. It allows them to consume different forms of content, including pictures, videos, audio, and even written content. When making your surveys, leverage research methods that can help you encourage their feedback through rich media.

For instance, if you were to use Tablet surveys, you can easily allow your target audience to watch videos, see memes, and even record videos during their surveys. The idea is to create surveys that rhyme with the forms of engagement that they are accustomed to.

Diversify The Feedback Methods 

The generation Z consumer wants to be heard. They believe that their opinion matters, and are willing to interact with researchers that prove the same. As such, when formulating questionnaires for this generation, ensure that the feedback option you offer them is simple and freeform.

For instance, you should use open-ended questionnaires to allow them to describe their opinion accordingly. Ideally, they can write down their opinions or record a video or audio. The surveys should be short, easy, and mobile-friendly. You can always rely on text analytics tools to help with the analysis of such diverse feedback options.

Back Your Research with Corporate Social Responsibility 

The generation Z consumer has been born at a time when the world has been through tragedy. They have witnessed the great recession as well as the effects of climate change. Such experiences have also made most of them believe that the role of changing the world lies in their hands.

Generation Z consumers (Source: Pixabay 

This makes them appreciate companies that commit to improving society in different ways. In case you have a well-recognized corporate social responsibility program, the chances are that they will be more willing to commit to your surveys. When doing your research, be sure to add subtle hints of what your business is doing to improve society to engage the interest of this group of consumers.


 Marketers have only started dealing with the generation Z consumer, owing to the influence they have on a household’s purchasing power. As long as you can understand their opinions around your product, it will become easier to produce something that resonates well with your target market. Consider the tips above to get insightful feedback from them.

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