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ClickFree Review: The Best WhatsApp Spy App

WhatsApp addiction is a real thing. People have stopped messaging each other altogether. They are all busy sending WhatsApp messages because they are so prompt and entertaining. From professional to personal purposes, WhatsApp has taken over the way we prefer to communicate.

The increased usage of WhatsApp has also let people with an urge to know who their loved ones are sending WhatsApp messages to. If the continuous pings and alerts on WhatsApp chat boxes of your loved ones are concerning you, it is time you know what’s really going on.

With the demand for spy software for WhatsApp, a lot of big technological players entered the beeline and crafted the spy app. The competition is stiff with each app trying to prove it’s better than the other.

They all offer free demos, ensure secrecy, and offer distinct packages. But, despite the perfect competition, only ClickFree emerges as a true winner when it comes to spy software. The application is web-based and the platform it allows is incredible. 

ClickFree- The Best spy application

Being a web-based application, ClickFree allows its users to hack into someone’s phone in an utterly remote manner. With such remote access and super stealth mode, you can see much more than just someone’s WhatsApp texts.

You can have a first-hand view of someone’s messages, iMessage, GPS location, email, notes, drafts, etc. You can see all this and more with just minimum information about the user and yourself.  From attaining access into someone’s WhatsApp on ClickFree, you can know about their absolute state of affairs.

The spying on WhatsApp will be holistic, you can see the messages they are getting. You can also see the messages they are deleting and all the vital information that they share or don’t share with you. This is the wholesome kind of spying you expect from a great spy app.

ClickFree better than other spy apps

ClickFree is better than other popular spy apps, there is no denying the fact. To corroborate the fact, you must know that when engaging in spying on someone’s phone, there is a lot you put at risk. ClickFree curbs the risk factor 100%.

With a platform like ClickFree, you can spy in complete anonymity. You cannot be caught, ever. This web-based app does not make it mandatory to share irrelevant information of or about the user of the app or the target phone user.

Further, ClickFree will not even ask you to initiate rooting or jailbreaking requirements through the target phone. So much so, even the employees of ClickFree do not have access to confidential client information.

Spying on WhatsApp from ClickFree

Having blown the trumpet enough about ClickFree, you would now be curious to know how this platform works. It might seem like a tedious task as it offers way too many deliverables. But, to be honest, the app will only take only a few minutes of your precious time.

It is web-based, you do not need to engage in any software downloading or super complicated spy paraphernalia. Let us understand the methodology and trick of spying on someone’s WhatsApp through ClickFree:


You can register on ClickFree’s web-based app. The registration can be done just with your email ID. 

Buy a Monthly Plan

As a second step, you would need to select a monthly plan. ClickFree offers many monthly plans to choose from. Each plan is different and efficient in its own way. You can assess your requirements and choose the plan wisely.

Setup Link and Installation

On your email used for registration, you will receive the relevant setup link for installing the app on your system after you have paid for the plan. Once you click on the link, the rest of the setup procedure would be self-explanatory. 

Target Platform

This is an important step as here the procedures change a bit. You now would need to select the target platform. The target platform is the kind of device used by the user, whether it is an Android or an iOS device. Once confirmed on the type of device, you can proceed with the process ahead!

Establishing the Linking between target platform with ClickFree

The mode of linkage changes for iOS and Android devices, though both are immensely simple. Below is the set of procedure required:

When linking iPhone (iOS)

Here, all you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials, i.e iCloud ID, and password of the user of the iPhone. The moment you enter that, ClickFree would immediately connect with the target platform.

As and when connected, you can view the WhatsApp messages and use other amazing features of ClickFree. The entire process from registration to linkage could be done in 5-10 minutes if you knew all the details sought.

When Linking Android

This is a little tricky, but simple nonetheless. Android requires and necessitates spy apps to root through the target Android device. ClickFree is also no exception to this rule. But, it renders an effective solution to the problem.

You would be required to download the app on the target android device. To curb your risk, the app has been designed to weigh only 2 Mb, it never attracts the user’s attention. So, you can hide the app the moment you download it. 

The app even vanishes from the library of apps when in a hidden mode. It only takes one a few minutes to download the app and hide the app. The link to ClickFree is instant. Be it Android or iOS, ClickFree makes the process very time efficient and safe. 


WhatsApp has influenced our communication, thinking, and has also made us vulnerable to a lot of vices. It is also an active mode of spreading baseless rumors. This is why spy software for WhatsApp could be your way of ensuring that your loved ones are safe and their vulnerabilities are not being exploited.

ClickFree emerges as a promising way to ensure that your loved ones are protected and safeguarded from the side effects of WhatsApp. No app is perfect, but it is your duty to ensure that your loved ones battle off the wrong sides of any app.

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