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Why the Holistic Industry Needs to Embrace the Power of the Blog (Infographic)

Why the Holistic Industry Needs to Embrace the Power of the Blog (Infographic)

It is a known fact that the conventional medical establishment has
tried everything in their power to crush the holistic industry.

Unlike the medicine-driven, high profits of the conventional sector, holistic
practitioners use less conventional ways of therapy that studies have
shown can be just as effective as -if not more than – their mainstream

The truth is big pharmaceuticals have made billions on
selling drugs and treatments that have made it very hard for a
holistic practitioner to compete.

The market budgets of these huge
companies made it nearly impossible to market to their global
demographic, until now.

The internet has definitely changed the world
and made it so that relevant information is no longer so easily

We have seen the internet rally behind causes that, otherwise,
would have remained hidden and exploited by the businesses looking to
profit on the mass-market misinformation that has been prevalent. As
revealed by Website Builder, the internet does this in part by blogging and

sharing information and regardless how much money is used to fight it, the internet lets true knowledge become a mainstream
phenomenon. This has changed the global power balance in various
sectors and the medical sector is no different.

Holistic practitioners and companies now have a voice that can actually take their message
and practices to a global audience. Here is why the holistic industry
is using blogs to change the sector’s balance of power back to the
masses and why you should be leveraging blogging in your business and
marketing model.

Credibility & Product Awareness

A blog is a great way for a holistic business or brand to showcase
their unique niche or treatments.

A blog is a great way of proving your holistic value within the marketplace and share testimonials, new
treatments, and practices. 77% of internet users read blogs and the
average person reads about 10 a day. This is a huge network of
potential viewers that can be made aware of your product and
furthermore can read why your brand and its products are credible.

SEO & Social Shares

On the Internet, you want to be searchable by potential customers and
clients. Search engines are a key way that most of us get our
information and find new services.

The holistic industry is no different and blogging is a great way to up your links and keywords,
garnering better SEO results. Companies that blog receive on average
97% more links to their sites and thus rank higher on searches than
those who don’t.

Additionally, considering that 94% of people share
blog posts they think might help others, holistic practices are right
up among the top of those posts and these shares equate to more
visitors and ultimately more sales.

Better Than Conventional Advertising

70% of consumers learn about a company through an article rather than
an ad. A blog gives a holistic company or brand the potential to
compete against conventional medical practitioners looking to use
their big bucks to drive traffic.

As mentioned earlier, a person is much more likely to share what they deem helpful to others and will
rarely share an ad. That means that a blog post is likely much better
received and converting especially in the holistic industry.

This, in turn, means that a blog in this particular industry is likely to drive
sales much better than an advertisement and data shows that a company
that blogs frequently have received a customer from their blog in 92%
of cases.

Blogs are a great way to boost your holistic market credibility, bring
awareness to a treatment and get free publicity through SEO and social
shares. Additionally, considering the fact that a blog is far better
converting than an advertisement, especially in the medicinal sector,
and that the power of the blog is unmatched, a blog should be used to
its full potential.

Let’s dig into the infographic about the state of the blogging industry!

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