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The Best Student Travel Tips

As we all know, student years are one of the brightest periods in life. Exciting acquaintances, strong emotions, and new impressions make these years so amazing and rich. And a great way to get it all is to travel. And you should not stop yourself because of big prices since even cheap trips for students can be interesting. After reading this article, you will be able to travel without spending a big amount of money. 

The Best Way to Organize Trips For Students

Of course, the most convenient way to travel is to use the services of travel agencies. They are able to organize everything, and you won’t do anything but just wait for your tickets. But most travel companies do not make discounts for students and try to earn as much as possible, so you can spend really huge money. 

Therefore, it is better to plan a trip yourself. This process will upgrade you as a person by developing you as the person who can organize something. For this, you need to decide on your destination first. After this, you can plan all the other details. However, this way may take more time from you. When I was a student and I had a feeling that I do not have enough time for it because of studies, then I was asking for support. I just asked to write my essay, so you have to do the same and look at this website. 

Cheap Travels Options

Now we will discuss a few tips that will facilitate a solo trip. Here, we try to make everything as cheap as possible. So, consider the following: 

  • Overnight stay. Try to be more creative and search for different possible options. For example, you can try Airbnb or CouchSurfing. In the first case, you can just rent rooms or houses of local residents for a few nights. In the second case, you can simply live for free and get acquainted with locals.
  • Transportation. You can significantly save by abandoning planes and international trains. Buses and trains will help to get to the place and save money at the same time. Hitchhiking is also recommended. This is a great way for a student to travel for free. Just be careful and analyze drivers correctly.
  • Food. The main thing you should remember is that you need to bypass popular destinations. In such places, food is two times higher. It is better to ask locals for good places where they themselves eat.
  • Entry tickets. Many world-famous museums in Europe and the USA have special days when admission is free for everyone. And in some, you can get a good discount by presenting a student card.

Summer Trips For Students

When choosing a place to travel for the summer vacation, first decide whether you want to know your home country better or go abroad.

How to Travel in Your Home Country

Traveling in your home country can be no less exciting than a tour to European countries. Domestic tourism will appeal to those who do not like long trips. When choosing this type of vacation, take into consideration the following:

  • Carefully read the map.
  • Make the best route,
  • If you have chosen a popular destination, then you should buy tickets in advance.
  • Using social networks, find friends in the cities where you will stay.

This will make the trip more convenient and interesting. Free trips for students are sometimes offered by universities. Do not be too lazy to ask for them. Maybe there will be an exciting excursion this summer where you can put your cute swimwear to good use.

How to Travel Abroad

If you decided on abroad countries, then you should carefully consider everything. You must have a certain amount to pay for housing, meals, and travel. Students’ trips to America or Europe will be fun and comfortable only if you don’t worry that you don’t have enough money for breakfast or there’s nowhere to spend the next night.

Free travel for students is possible within the framework of volunteer programs. But in this case, you will not only have to go on excursions but also do useful things.


In any country in the world, you can live absolutely free with the help of the Couchsurfing community. This is a large international association of travelers promoting the exchange of housing. The main essence is free assistance to each other in the provision of housing, food, familiarity with the language and culture, etc. Traveling with Couchsurfing, you can look at another country from the inside, feel its atmosphere, practice your language, make new friends, and broaden your horizons.


Student holidays abroad are a great opportunity to see outstanding places and to feel the atmosphere of distant countries. So that the impressions are not erased from memory, take care of the technical side of the trip. For this, take a spare memory card, external battery, and monopod.

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