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Summer Bummer: Alternative Ways to Still Enjoy Your Canceled Summer Plans

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Summer is right around the corner and the coronavirus is still spreading at a rapid rate. So what does that mean for travelers all over the world? It means that summer is ruined! Just kidding, your summer is anything but ruined, despite the coronavirus.

That’s not saying that coronavirus isn’t a serious matter or anything like that but it is definitely not something that you should let ruin your summer. Dr. Tara Narula spoke on CBS This Morning and stated that the biggest thing for people to do is to not panic.

She further states that the coronavirus isn’t anything new and that the public has experienced strains of the coronavirus before with SARS and MERS. What the world is experiencing now is a new strain of it so the best thing to do is to be proactive in the spread of it and to not panic. If you can take measures to be proactive with the virus (washing your hands, staying six feet away from people, and keeping your hands out of your face), then your summer doesn’t have to be ruined at all.

Maybe you had plans to go to Mexico this summer for a couple’s trip or maybe you had plans to get a few friends together to go on a big family trip to Disney Land… It’s recommended to avoid unnecessary travel right now, especially being that a lot of airlines are canceling flights but just because your flights might have been canceled, that doesn’t mean the travel you do is deemed as unnecessary.

If you are bummed about your future summer plans being canceled, be bummed no more. There are alternative ways to still enjoy your canceled summer plans.

Have an At-Home Staycation

So your summer vacation plans got canceled… that doesn’t mean the fun has to end… you can have an at-home staycation. How? Simply make living at home like a vacation. If it’s just you and your significant other, you two can make your home a romantic oasis.

Wine, rose petals, and romantic music is a few ways to set the tone. Instead of cooking, you can order takeout… you also have the option to cook if you want to. Candles will also help to set the tone. Whether you two decide to dance in your living room or give each other massages, there are tons of romantic things you can do for an at-home staycation.

For a staycation with kids, you might have to take it old school and whip out the board games, frozen pizzas, and brush up on your video game skills as well. You can have all the fun in the world just bonding together as a family. The key thing is to do things that everyone likes…It’s going to help you get to know your family better too.

Take a Family Road Trip

You know that big family trip you started to plan? You know, the one where you got a few friends and family together to plan one big family trip? Well, that trip doesn’t have to end. Just because certain airlines are canceling flights doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a nice family trip.

We’ve become so adjusted to the convenience of planes that we forget about the other transportation luxuries that are available to us… All too often, we forget about the beauty of charter buses. You may not get to a destination as fast as a plane but riding in a charter bus also gives you the luxury of choosing a totally different location to travel to, it’s a comfortable ride for large groups, and it’s one of the safest ways to travel.

Explore Your Town

Another fun option is to explore your own town. How many times have you seen people come to your city to visit and think to yourself “I have no idea why people continue to visit here.” You probably have that thought all the time… Well, in thinking that, have you ever stopped to figure out why exactly people are continuously traveling to your city?

A lot of times, when you’re from a particular city, you fail to notice the beauty in it because you live there but this summer, since your initial summer plans have been canceled, consider taking time out to explore your own city. It might be a little hard right now to do this because a lot of locations have been closed due to COVID-19 but there are still ways to show support to your local businesses. Check out your local school tournament, and show some excitement for the school record board.

For the businesses and attractions that are still open, visit them, and show your support. The town you thought you knew could be a totally different town from what you thought. The point is to explore your city through the eyes of a tourist. You can do a Google search for things to do in your area. Or you can visit your city’s tourist center and grab some booklets and brochures on all the different attractions in the area.

So your summer plans have been canceled due to the pandemic but that doesn’t mean your summer has to be ruined. You can have a summer vacation right from the comfort of your own home or you can just go on a road trip and see the world from the safety of your car. The point is, you have to get creative during these times.

Because everyone is stuck at home, this is also the perfect time to start an online home business as well. Everyone all over the world now are reliant upon online shopping these days that now is the perfect time to generate more income from the comfort of your own home. So as long as you can be productive working from home, you can actually start a lucrative business and save.

Once the world opens back up, you’ll enough money saved up to go on that vacation you’ve been planning with ample financial cushion.

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