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Top 6 Stealthy Ways to Spy My Husbands Text Messages without His Phone

We have depended on mobile phones for quite some time now. That is why your husband is always on his device, texting people you don’t know. While it’s the norm, you may want to see if he is texting ladies who will eventually destroy your marriage.

There are also cases where you need to know if he is truly what he says. You don’t want your relationship to be ruined by weird calls from the police all over sudden. Since we understand why it’s necessary to spy on his SMSs, we have six ways to do it.

In all, he will never know what you are up to since they will be hidden. Also, using them means you will not depend on his phone to view the results.

Part 1: ClickFree Text Messages Spying Application

One of the best ways to reach your husband’s text messages is by using the ClickFree spying app. This is a solution that has already seen millions of downloads in more than 190 countries. What makes it famous is how it can hide while fetching phone details.

It has many features in it, and one of them is the power to spy on the text messages. ClickFree will get you all the sent and received messages. You will also see the contact details of those involved and the timestamps.

If there are any other attached files, ClickFree will also capture them. Now, the question is, how do you go about getting the SMSs? This solution works on both Android and iOS devices without any rooting or jailbreaking.

If you don’t know what those terms mean, just disregard them because they are not a requirement here. If your husband uses an Android, just install the app once on his phone and activate the stealth mode.

That will help the app in staying hidden and work in the background. That is how your husband stays clueless while the app updates you elsewhere. If he has an iPhone, then it’s more relaxed here. You only need to verify his iCloud ID on the main website after creating an account.

There will be no download or installation required. ClickFree will work with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. Now after the setup, regardless of the platform, you will view the messages and other details in your account.

You can read someone elses text messages using ClickFree anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The control panel on it works with all browsers. So, it doesn’t matter where you are and where your husband is.

You will be spying on him even when he is on that ‘business trip.’ If he has an iPhone, you will see even the deleted iMessages. It will be using iCloud to retrieve them. In Android, you can check for the deleted messages in the keylogger reports.

It will hold all the messages he typed. Now, since you will be viewing his texts and other data remotely, there must be some data protection. For ClickFree, it will not store your husband’s messages or any other details in its cloud.

Instead, it will sync with the info when you access our account. Never worry about his phone’s battery. ClickFree does not drain it as it fetches what you need.

How to Spy on Husband’s Text Messages with ClickFree

Step 1: Register an account on the main website using your email address and a password. Next, select the operating system on your husband’s phone and go ahead to purchase one of the plans.

Step 2: You will later receive an email with the confirmation details. It will also have the setup guideline. Follow it to setup ClickFree on your husband’s phone. For Android, make sure it’s hidden before you finish the installation.

Step 3: Once you complete the setup, login to your account to find the dashboard with the phone’s summary.

To view the messages, click on the relevant links to see who your husband is communicating with.

Part 2: Spyic Text messages Spying Application

You can also use Spyic to spy on your husband’s SMSs remotely and stealthily. It has a way to hide as you spy on him. In Android, you have to activate the stealth feature as you install it on his phone. For iOS, it will never be there since it will use his iCloud login details.

Spyic reveals the sent and received messages in your account. The details will also include timestamps and contacts. You don’t need any rooting or jailbreaking tricks to proceed.

Part 3: Spyier Text Messages Spying Application

Spyier will also show you all the messages in your online account. It requires a one-time installation on your husband’s phone if he has an Android. For iOS, verify his iCloud ID on the main website after account creation.

You can also use it to check on other phone activities, especially in the social media category. Spyier works with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later.  

Part 4: Spy Husband’s Text Messages with Minspy

More prudent measures to spy on his text messages also include Minspy. It does not need any rooting or jailbreaking, and it also works with the latest phone models. All the messages evidence is presented to you in your online account.

In Android, it will need a one-time installation and stealth mode activation. For iOS, it will work online using your husband’s iCloud ID. Minspy will allow you to view the messages anywhere since the dashboard works with all browsers.

Part 5: Spy on Husband’s Text Messages with Spyine

Spyine will work on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. You don’t need to root or jailbreak your husband’s phone to use it. There is also the stealth mode to make it disappear after acquiring it.

It, therefore, qualifies to be among the ways you can use to spy on his text messages. You will always get them in your online account. You can use any smartphone, tablet, or computer to view the results.

Part 6: Spy on Husband’s Messages with Neatspy

Lastly, we have the Neatspy app that can also fetch your hubby’s text messages remotely. It never tells about its presence since it has the stealth mode feature. The control panel in your account is what will be showing you everything about his texts.

It also has other features that can prove beneficial. So, you can also use it to spy on his calls, contacts, photos, videos, and more. You don’t need any rooting or jailbreaking to use it.


Spying on your husband’s messages is now not difficult anymore. With our six stealthy ways, he will never know that you have a third eye on him. They don’t require any complicated skills, and they can also hide.

So, your husband will continue talking to the strangers as you receive the messages on your end.

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