Monday, June 27

A Quick Guide to Apply Your New Football Helmet Decal

Football Decals are a great way of customizing your helmet and add your personal touch into your sports equipment that protects you from getting injured!

Applying customized stickers on your helmet has become more and more popular these days since it is a way of showing your achievements to your fans and make yourself easier to distinguish in the crowds. The fans sometimes show their support by using the same stickers as their favorite football player!

We came with some tips and tricks to make it easier for you to apply your favorite stickers and sports decals by yourself! Let’s see what we have to do!

  1. Choose the right decal for your helmet!

We understand that you probably are looking for the best deal when it comes to buying the next sticker for your helmet, but cheaper ones are not always the best option for you! You should start looking for quality over quantity because a high-quality decal will look brand new for a longer time!

Cheap decals quickly lose their bright colors because of the sun exposure, and they start peeling off when they are exposed to rain or humidity! You should start looking for a waterproof, high-quality material decal that will perfectly stand the test of time! These stickers come with a strong adhesive that once it will dry, won’t ever come off!

  1. Prepare your helmet!

This step is especially important if you are a perfectionist, and you don’t want any air bubbles while applying your sticker! Before applying the decal, you should clean your helmet thoroughly and let it dry completely. Any level of moisture will affect the glue on the back of the sticker, and it will make it come off.

You could also wipe the helmet with a soft cloth if it is not that dirty. If you also want to repaint and change the colors of your helmet, you should do this before applying the sticker. After you have cleaned the helmet, you should ask for a professional to help you change the original color of the helmet, just to make sure that you will still benefit from the helmet’s guarantee certificate.

Also, if you decide on doing the repainting by yourself, you should know that without having the proper tools for repainting it is harder to obtain a uniform layer of paint on the surface of your helmet, so in the end, the helmet can look messy.

  1. Resize the decal 

If the decal that you want is not available in the shape or size of your helmet, then you should not worry, because we got your back! If the sticker is slightly larger and it is intended to be applied in the front part of the helmet, then you should remove the entire face mask and then apply the sticker.

Then, using a scissor, you should make sure that the holes, edges, or cracks in the helmet are not covered by the decal. Voila, here you have the perfect fit for your helmet!

  1. Position the decal and apply it

Before applying the decal, you should remove the protective paper on its back. Be careful not to tear or wrinkle the sticker. Position the decal where you want to apply it. If you did not get the positioning right, do not worry, you can remove the sticker right away and reposition it just the way you like!

Using your fingertips, you should then carefully press on the sticker until it seems to be tightly glued on the helmet’s surface. Make sure you do not get any air bubbles or wrinkles inside the sticker’s area. If that happens, carefully remove the sticker, straighten it, and reposition it again.

With all these tips in mind, you should be able to customize your football helmet just the way you like it! Do not forget that you should never cover the certification sticker that your helmet has since it has also the inscription of the helmet’s expiration date. For your safety, it is important to replace your helmet once it expired.

Stickers and sport decals have become a symbol of individuality in the team, and they make you stand out while playing football. That means that you will be easier to spot by your fans. Sometimes, the fans choose to use the same stickers as their favorite player to show their support!

Customizing your helmet will never go wrong if you follow these simple steps!

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