Thursday, July 18

TikTok Marketing and Advertising: The Pros and Cons

With social media being on the rise and the number of users in every platform only growing larger and larger every single day, it is essential that one understands the possibilities that may stem from such an opportunity. Should you be someone looking for new avenues to market your business or ways to expand your reach, social media marketing has possibly crossed your sights.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are among the many social media giants in advertisement but trailing right behind them is TikTok, a relatively new app at the scene making large numbers in terms of user amounts and reach. This being said, it is essential that we understand how this application works. With its potential being apparent, we can weigh the pros and cons of the application prior to investing in it as an advertising tool.

Benefits: A Long Reach


Many successful users of the platform create funny, relatable, and downright shareable content. Should you want to reach your audience organically (without the use of TikTok advertisements) by creating your own business’s profile and making videos, your reach is effectively extended as TikTok videos often reach viral numbers very quickly.

This is provided that the content you create is appealing and fun to watch. With this, people will share the video with their friends using its URL or through downloading the video using the option TikTok provides or through a TikTok downloader. Nevertheless, this extends the reach of your content and is an inherent happening within users of the app.

Amount of Users and Data

User engagement in the app is also constantly increasing. This means that whether you market your business through TikTok ads or through creating your own content, user engagement will favour your marketing goals as they will help reach your targeted audience much more quickly. This is also due to the sheer amount of time people spend on the app, thus allowing your ads to reach more diverse groups of people at any time, based on your targeting parameters.

Downsides: Expense and Exposure

Large Costs Per Impression

The TikTok advertisement program costs, at the very least, around $10.00 per view of your advertisement, and a minimum spend is required. While larger businesses may be able to afford this, start-ups may not be able to do the same and marketing in this platform may not be feasible.


Exposure of your ad usually does not extend more than a few seconds of screen time. As such, one can ponder on the cost-benefit ratios of using this platform as a marketing tool. Should you want to increase your exposure, you may instead want to try growing your audience organically and make interesting content for your audience to see, all while inputting your own business promotions in your page.

Creatively, this means that you must inject a level of entertainment to the video you create in promotion of your business, thus treading a fine line between looking professional and being entertaining in order to reach more people. This being said, creating viral content is effectively challenging and will even be more so when it is done to promote something.

With these in mind, weigh out your options in trying to use this platform for your marketing needs. Along with its huge upsides come significant investments you will need to input at first in order to reach your goals. Despite this, make sure to consider this app as it continues to become a powerhouse in reaching people and will only continue to grow in the future.

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