Thursday, March 30

A Quick intro to Building a SaaS Marketing Strategy

SaaS platforms never achieve their peak performance when it comes to growth rate or customer churn. Compared to other types of companies, SaaS marketing requires a very different approach.

To better align your B2B & SaaS marketing strategy for 2021, you’ll have to step back and observe the effectiveness of your current SaaS marketing strategy.

Today’s saturated marketplace makes it difficult to market SaaS platforms as a standard B2B solution. Most SaaS platforms often depend on features and price to close sales instead of focusing on selling value and solutions due to their obsession with lead generation and top-line revenue growth.

This involves refining your SaaS marketing tactics to reduce customer churn, optimize SaaS pricing and escalate the SaaS subscription business. With sales-ready messaging that emphasizes the future state of your ideal customer and how your platform addresses the challenges, you will stand out from the competition.

These new SaaS services imply that traditional SaaS marketing strategies from the 2010s are obsolete and need to be replaced by strategies that match the level of innovation they embody. For companies dealing with blockchain services, the innovation leads to entering a new era with the introduction of Ethereum. SaaS growth hacking tactics may follow more traditional marketing methods, but SaaS marketing differs so significantly that the overall strategy requires reevaluation.

SaaS content marketing is uniquely suited for SaaS growth as a primary growth strategy. People who are already researching solutions for their pain points online are most likely to adopt a new SaaS platform. They tend to focus on features and not the outcomes.

SaaS marketing firms are now taking a much more strategic approach to synchronize relevant content with the main questions prospects have during the SaaS buyer’s journey. But this isn’t as simple as creating a few blog posts. Consider also simple solutions like softr’s random shape generator to streamline the design process and leave the designer with just a few steps to follow.

 In order to effectively sell your SaaS platform to business associates, you need to produce high-quality, persona-driven content on a consistent basis that is not only keyword-optimized but also offers a lot of value to prospective SaaS customers. Unfortunately, this is a common problem experienced by SaaS companies. To solve this, focus on persona-driven content that speaks to relevant pain points and you will be well-positioned to become an authority in the industry.

By now, you should know what kind of questions the ideal customers are asking because you are already familiar with their pain points and have created a solution to aid their needs. When someone finds you as a source for information and a solution to their problem, how do you continue the conversation and draw interest into the sales funnel without annoying them with generic automated emails? Do you customize your message to meet the needs of your customers or prospects?

Offering persona-driven content is one way that could help you give out some of your most valuable content in exchange for contact information. Among the most common marketing strategies used by high-growth SaaS companies, this practice includes providing free infographics, eBooks, videos, white papers, and other resources. This makes it possible for you to convert a customer into a qualified prospect in the sales funnel.

SaaS businesses are faced with intense competition in the market. This is why it’s imperative to create tactics that bring results. The growth strategies mentioned above produce higher ROI, increase client base, and improve customer retention. Keep track of the performance of these strategies and refine them for better outcomes.

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