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How to Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Thriving Success in No Time

How to Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Thriving Success in No Time

Do you know that YouTube is the second-largest video viewing platform on the Internet? 

Don’t just take my word for it! Alexa traffic rankings have revealed in their analysis that YouTube has become the second-largest Internet service to observe network traffic, scoring a position right underneath Google.

Unfortunately, most digital marketers still ignore the massive potential it packs. 

When we talk about YouTube, merely posting video content on the platform isn’t going to be enough.

If you want to turn it into a thriving success, then you have to make sure your efforts go beyond that. 

Normally, marketers work to populate brands hence they take a deeper delve in optimizing the right keywords within their posted video content.

While this is an integral part of the whole digital marketing process, it is not the only thing that marketers should pay attention to.

If they want their YouTube channel to turn into a remarkable success, they need to go beyond just the keyword science. 

Today, I am going to share some of the best tips and tricks which will help you learn how to grow your YouTube channel for business.

If done right, your channel just might turn into a profitable cash cow. 

Prerequisites to Consider Before Growing Your YouTube Channel

So before you move forward with the intention to grow your YouTube Channel, you must first be aware of how to use the right keywords and optimize them in your content so they can rank in search. 

Here are a few things which you need to address.

Do you know how to perform Keyword Research?

A content published on any platform will only rank when it is optimized on the right keywords strategically. But identifying which of these keywords is correct can become quite challenging.

The very first thing you need to do is to find relevant keywords based on the topic which you intend to cover for your YouTube video.

To begin with keyword research, head on to YouTube and search up your relevant topic to initially check if it has been previously covered on the platform or not.

Since the repository of YouTube is massive in size, there is a high chance that everything you search is already present there.

In case your topic is truly unique, you can still find something that is closely related.

Now check the similarities in the content that is already published on the YouTube platform. 

Next, have you heard about the Ubersuggest tool or Ahrefs? Well, Ubersuggest is free, whereas Ahrefs is a paid keyword research tool that can help you gather important information on keywords quickly. 

So go ahead, pick out that similarity in various content and search it up on one of the tools.

Do remember that when you’re searching for keywords, you choose the option from Web to ”YouTube.” 

While keyword research is one thing, knowing which of these keywords are trending on Google is a different story. To find out on which terms and which areas your content can rank, use Google Trends.

I wonder how many don’t know Google Trends have a separate option for YouTube instead of Web.

Do you know how to track your YouTube Search Ranking?

All of us who have mastered the art of ranking content on Google on their favorite key terms are pretty well-versed in knowing how to track position.

Similarly, when you plan to rank your content on YouTube, why don’t you try applying the same tactic for your YouTube videos optimized on relevant keywords? Optimizing your YouTube video channel for traffic is a great strategy one not to be ignored. 

Don’t worry! There are proper tools (both free and paid) to help you comfortably track on YouTube.

All you ever have to do is find the right tool that you can be savvy with and start monitoring your progress.

Do you know that the first 48 hours are very critical?

Unlike Google, YouTube algorithms are known for being savage when it comes to ranking video content in its search options.

Hence, when you optimize one of your recently published videos on YouTube, make sure that you optimize the content beforehand you decide on sending it to live on YouTube.

If YouTube doesn’t understand what your video is about or in which category does it will fit best, the algorithm will seamlessly push your content below. 

And once you’ve lost the charm in the eyes of YouTube, you will never actually be able to help it shine.

I mean, you can go back and modify your YouTube content by revising the titles, optimizing descriptions, redoing tags, fixing the thumbnail, and going through the transcript, but do it in 48-hours.

The 48 hours are critical because once the platform judges your content unworthy, failure is imminent. 

Tips and Tricks on How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Now that we are clear of what prerequisites are essential to rank your content on YouTube, let’s check out which tactics are remarkably interesting to help you grow your YouTube channel in no time. 

If Content is King, Consistency is the Queen

Do you know that YouTube channels that post videos multiple times a week get more network traffic compared to channels who post only a single video per week? 

My advice is that you post a video at least 3 to 4 times a week if you are aiming to grow your channels and populate them massively.

This tactic works best if you’re a beginner, and your only source of success is to get good traffic on your videos.

The algorithm behind YouTube will have a better chance of identifying what you do and then place your brand in front of the relevant audiences accordingly. 

One strategy that works best for early YouTube video makers is to create a ton of similar content and post it multiple times a week on your YouTube channel.

It will give your content enough leeway to perform effectively on the platform. At the same time, your channel will also create a library of content.

You will also see an increase in your number of subscribers, and your watch time will go up.

No wonder, good content is essential, but it is also vital how consistently you send it out. 

Introduce a Powerful & Sustainable Video Production Plan

Sometimes, video creators spend a reasonable amount of time in creating award-winning videos.

However, the time taken to create one of these videos is relatively large.

Some firms invest a good portion of their investment in creating a 1-2 minute brand video and spend a good number of months.

To me, this is not a good strategy if you’re seeking to earn through a YouTube channel.

Do you want more people to reach you out more often, then you have to post things regularly so you can brew up a whole community around your brand. By posting a single type of high-quality video usually works best when you’re trying to make a strong statement.

But when you’re doing business, this is not a profitable strategy. Instead, post videos regularly at a specific time. 

It is how you will turn successful in deploying a sustainable video production plan.

Keep a repetitive pattern of posting videos, make an editable template if you want to, hire people to help you with your productions.

One way or the other, try to shorten the time of posting maintaining the quality of your small video projects. Focus on the content you’re publishing more than creating the Eureka element.

If you’re inclined to educate the audience, the chances of your channel to massively grow becomes imminent. Keep refining your processes until you get your production flow in full-swing.

The Best Hook is to Reveal the Outcome in the First Few Seconds

The best hook that many different YouTubers often use to engage audiences is to reveal the outcome right at the beginning of the video.

It might sound like killing the purpose of the entire video, but believe me, that’s certainly not the case.

It not only intrigues the person to watch but if your content topic is something which they are precisely searching, it eventually piques their interest to watch what you have to say.

When disclosing the end-result first, make sure that you storyboard your content in such a way that it keeps grabbing the attention of your user and keeps them engaged till the very end of the video.

You may commonly found this particular approach in specific video content more often than the rest. These are mostly the DIY and makeover type of video content.

The best example that I can quote here is from LaurDIY who creates DIY cactus/succulent decor videos where the end result comes first. 

Here take a look at her work for yourself: 

Shorten Your Opening Sequence and Grasp Attention in 5-Seconds

The whole idea of posting a video on YouTube is to grasp the attention of your users, and the best way of doing it is to use short titles and powerful opening sentences.

That’s because the average attention span of a typical viewer is approximately 5 seconds or even less.

While longer openings usually discourage the viewer from watching your content, short openings often pique their interest to view more.

Soon you can create a domino effect, and the viewers are on the path.

Once en route, they will subscribe to the channel, and you are on. With every video that you post on YouTube, it will relatively increase your chances of getting more views. On average, a video must have a 5-second long opening.

In case you’re still unsure how to begin your video, here’s a tutorial by Brighton West to help you out.

Don’t Forget to Add Cards at the End of Your YouTube Videos

If one of the videos which you’ve published is informative and observing a good number of viewers, you can always add end screens at the end of the video sending the traffic to other interesting videos of yours.

End screens or YouTube Cards are an interactive piece of content that you can add right at the end of your videos.

Not only are these cards a great way of promoting your content but it also helps the user to navigate themselves to other lessons which you want to teach through your channel.

Just don’t forget, the end screens can only be added during the last 20 seconds of the video.

For example, Brian Dean of Backlinko uses a single video with a subscription option and a talk over to motivate the audience. And, the plus side is that not only is his content unique but it is informative.


If you want to grow a YouTube channel, you need to keep two things in mind.

  • The viewers and subscribers
  • The content you are about the publish

Also, it is important that you completely understand how the YouTube algorithm works. To help you educate, here’s an interesting article which I found on Hubspot on YouTube Algorithm

When it comes to viewers, keep in mind that your thumbnails can readily grasp the attention. Your content should be superbly crafted, and your agenda should be clear on what you wish to educate. 

As for the content, make sure that you focus on being educational and informative.

People usually come to YouTube because they want to learn rather than feel entertained.

So, if you can strike a balance between both, well, what do you know, you’ve finally cracked the code for YouTube success.

Article written by guest writer Muhammad Osama

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