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Why Is Website Design Important?

Why Is Website Design Important?

When it comes to building a robust online presence, various essential factors come into play. You won’t succeed in the competition by merely creating a primary website for your business. You will have to excel at it; create a website that engages your target audience and is easy to navigate. 

Did you know that if given limited time to consume content, more than 65% of people prefer seeing something well-structured/ designed over something that screams vanilla? 

That said, incorporating the website with the right SEO tactics, and upgrading it continually is essential to building a strong online presence. 

To create a well-designed site,  you must know how to choose a quality website building software and understand the importance of web design.

It Sets The First Impression

A well-designed website is an opportunity for your business to showcase your unique features. You can show your audience why they should choose your business over the competition.

Your website represents your brand. So, when customers visit your site, they get the first impression of your brand. 

If the web design is not attractive, the customer/ prospect will lose interest, leave your site for a competitor’s site, and as a result, your bounce rate will shoot up. 

That said, a good website design helps you to keep leads on your page, and turn them into loyal paying customers.

It Supports Your SEO Strategy

You may think that there is no relation between web design and SEO. But that’s not true.

The website’s design elements affect how you place content on the site. The content placement in return impacts how search engine spiders crawl and index the site. In fact, there are certain web design components that influence SEO directly.  

If your on-page factors, website design, and content are not optimized, search engines won’t deem you superior, and battle to climb the ladder of success will become difficult.

If you don’t excel at web design yourself, the best way to ensure your website is SEO-friendly is to work with the best website designers in Greenville, SC.

It Builds Trust 

Did you know it takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave? 

Most of the internet users form an opinion of a brand by merely looking at the website. Visual cues are important. If prospects declare your website design as poor or find out that the information is outdated, they won’t trust your services or what your brand stands for.

Your website is the digital face of your business. If it is outdated, your business appears cold. And no one wants to do business with a shady site.

Let me explain further. 

Do you sell tiny wooden hats that only fit baby mice with one ear? Do you? Nope?

Yeah, I guessed that. That probably states that you are not the only business who does what you do. Your conversion rate doesn’t only depend on what you are offering, but also how much the leads like you. That said, if your site builds trust with your target audience, they will stay on it for longer and comfortably do business with you. When there are many companies within a particular market, this is especially important as building trust ensures they stay with you instead of going to a competitor. 

Your Competitors Are Doing IT

You wanna know why website design is so important? Why is it the need of the hour? Well, that’s because your competitors are already doing it. So if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must hire a website and graphic designer in Greenville, SC.

If you have a poorly designed, outdated, and slow website, your battle for visibility will be never-ending. This means your competitors (that have an attractive website) will steal all the leads from you, and outrank you.

When done well, your website design is what can differentiate you, your company & services from everyone in your industry. It’s your USP, setting you apart from the rest.

Final Thoughts

In this age of digitization, businesses are doing everything they can to entice their customers and generate new leads. They are marketing well, making themselves more accessible, and optimizing the site for mobile.

Not to forget, they are investing in website design to rank higher in the SERPs. That said, if you too want a thriving business, you must have a well-managed site that makes people rely on you.

There are plenty of strategies you can use to improve your website design, but never forget to also have a good foundation, which is to have a fast responsive, and solid website. And this generally starts with finding the best hosting service for your website.

Hopefully, this article helped you.

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