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How Do I Generate Leads Through Email Marketing?

How Do I Generate Leads Through Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a great way to generate leads but how do you do it?

In this article, you´ll learn some answers to the question “How Do I Generate Leads Through Email Marketing?”

1. Write an awesome subject line

Out of all the emails that have successfully landed in an inbox, you should be happy if 30% are actually getting opened. However, an open rate that is too low (under 10%) can show that there’s something wrong with your subject line.

If you don’t have experience in marketing, I advise you to hire a copywriter to help you.

For the best results, the subject line shouldn’t exceed 50 characters. Also, it should be cleverly designed to arouse interest. Some of the most famous subject lines, known for their great effectiveness have been either simple words, such as “Hey” or intriguing imperatives like “Do not open this email”.

3. Add a big CTA and create a sense of urgency

A Call to Action should never miss from your emails. Subscribers won’t know what to do with your email unless you tell them directly. Especially if you’re aiming to generate leads, there has to be a sense of urgency or readers might leave it for later and eventually forget about it. “Enter Now”; “Join Free Now”; “Shop Now” are some of the most common.


4. Use a mobile-friendly template

Statistics say that 50 percent of people are opening promotional emails on their mobile devices. If you cannot afford to lose half of your customers, you can’t afford not to use a responsive template.

5. Don’t be too pushy

Over 50 percent of people who unsubscribe from an email list complain about the frequency. Email frequency is a very debatable subject in the world of online marketing. Experts never came to a consensus about what’s the best email frequency. However, they all agree that sending promotional emails more than once a week can be harmful to business.

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