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5 Ways To Boost Affiliate Marketing Using SEO

The perks of incorporating SEO into your affiliate marketing channels far outweigh the efforts required. SEO and affiliate marketing, both work on a common principle that focuses on driving relevant traffic and increasing the possibility of sales.

One can complement their affiliate marketing channels with a range of SEO techniques. Consistency and regularly monitoring and updating SEO implementations is a sure-shot way to make the most of your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Ways You Can Boost Affiliate Marketing Using SEO

Apart from basic on-page optimization, you can lay extra focus on a number of nitty-gritty details that make sure you are harnessing the power of SEO.

Research Your Keywords To Drive Traffic

Quality content and serving user intent is one step of the long ladder in luring prospective clients. The real deal lies in enriching your content with keywords that are being searched at high frequencies.

If you have been working on maximizing the inculcation of keyword-based SEO in your affiliate channels, you must direct your focus towards keywords that resolve the user’s search intent.

If your primary goal is to increase incoming traffic, then simply include high volume/high priority keywords that are evidently effective for your website. Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, and Surfer SEO can help you in these aspects.

On the other hand, if you are a budding brand then focus on long-tail keywords (generally have a low keyword search volume). Soon the low keyword search density will transform in your favor and you will notice an increase in ranking for your affiliate products.

Another key element is including terminologies that are relevant to the core keywords (search terms). Make an intensive list of keywords that includes high-priority, low-priority, long-tail, and synonymous keywords. Spread these keywords strategically across your website based on priority-wise keyword holders (URL, SEO title tag, H1, Sub-headings, Content).

Optimize Your Website For Mobile

With the increased ability to run businesses and acquire products and services seamlessly through a smartphone, it is crucial that affiliate marketers ensure the viability of their website on the device.

Besides, what does it mean when statistics indicate over 50% of internet traffic is through a mobile?

Spend a significant amount of time and resources to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Prospective customers must have a quick, easy-to-navigate, and hassle-free browsing/purchasing experience.

Few things you can do are:

  1. Use a highly responsive website theme
  2. Choose a quality web hosting service – WordPress’s versatility gives it a go-to tag
  3. Enable and optimize AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  4. Perform regular check-ups on speed and responsiveness via Google’s smartphone-friendly tool
  5. Ensure all elements of your website are readily accessible on smartphones

For the B2C affiliate marketers, adding the voice search feature makes it more probable that a customer will go deeper into your sales funnel. People prefer to follow the conventional route. The more streams you offer them to navigate through your website, the higher chances of sales.

Maximize Your Website’s Loading Speed

Reducing your website’s loading time via image compression, optimizing HTML and CSS code, implementing CDN (Content Delivery Network), etc. will have positive effects on user experience.

Over half of your website, visitors would bounce off in case of loading times of over 3 seconds. Be intelligent with plugin usage as over-population could lead to delayed server response times. Also, activate the browser caching feature (W3 Total Cache Plugin) to clear the junk on your servers and increase loading speed.

Slow website loading speed leads to a higher bounce rate, which is considered a negative by Google’s ranking algorithm.

One can drastically cut down image sizes via the WP Smush plugin.

Another attribute you must include is lazy loading. Lazy loading alters the pattern in which your webpages load. It prioritizes only the part of the webpage that is on-screen. Content that is elsewhere and needs to be scrolled to doesn’t load unless the user arrives at that precise point of the page.

Revise & Update Old Contents In Your Website

Google’s algorithms are way smarter than you think. They make use of deep-analytics and establish the relevancy of your content to other competitors. If your content seems outdated and provides lesser amounts of key information, your affiliate website will automatically drop down in rankings, no questions asked.

Keyword search volumes change frequently, and so do product specifications. You need to keep up with the research and incorporate any changes that may displace the factors that judge the strength of the current SEO on your affiliate channels.

Apart from keywords, you must also continually check whether the inter-linking and backlinking is yet functional. You never know when a link you used is inactive, altered, or showcases inaccurate/outdated information.

In short, always come back to already-uploaded content and verify whether the keywords, search intent, and content are yet extremely relevant to your target audience.

Research For High-Quality Backlinks

The internet is uploaded with millions of hours worth of reading content each day. You need to identify websites, blogs, and static content that establishes a high degree of correlation with your affiliate channels. The best way to do this is including quality backlinks.

High-quality backlinks will increase your website’s authority score (AS) and this directly contributes to higher rankings in SERPs.

Guest posting is a proven method, as long as you curate top-notch content that brings the utmost value on the table for your target website users. The benefits not only lie in acquiring quality backlinks but also in increasing your prospective clientele. The nature of your content will decide whether these users would give visiting your website a shot.

Lastly, don’t go haywire when trying to pocket backlinks. Strictly stick to esteemed and high-performance websites in your core niche.

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