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Coronavirus Impact on Marketing, eCommerce & Advertising (Stats)

The coronavirus is one of the most powerful viruses out there that shouldn’t be underestimated. It managed to close down the global economy in just a matter of months and it endangered the lives of many innocent people. No one is safe from the virus, regardless of if we’re talking about our loved ones or out local economies. A lot of things are happening right now, and no industry will walk away without a scratch.

1. Projects are on hold

Everything major that has been happening with companies has now been put on hold until further notice. That means most advertising and digital marketing campaigns are frozen right now, too. This is because most big projects depend on team meetings and discussing things in person instead of online.

You shouldn’t completely stop your business, though. Instead, it’s better to make your voice heard and still keep some parts of your advertising campaign going. This will help your audience stay in touch with your brand and you’ll have an easier time continuing where you left off while this is over.

2. Ecommerce is booming

As things are closed everywhere, more and more people are turning towards online shopping. This was popular even before the pandemic but is now the only source of shopping for many. This makes it the best time to launch your own eCommerce website and save your business from failure. A lot of small and mid-size businesses are already doing so as a means of adjusting to the new situation.

By building an eCommerce website, you also allow most, if not all, of your employees to keep their jobs. It may not be exactly what they signed up for, but they will still have an income for the time being. When designing your new eCommerce website, make sure you take all of the rules of UX design into consideration. This will warm up your audience to the idea completely and give you the sales you were hoping for.

3. Governments are jumping in to help

The most notable thing for small businesses everywhere, especially those regarding advertising, marketing, and eCommerce is government aid. Because everything is on lockdown and only essential services work, governments are offering financial support to help businesses stay afloat.

This is crucial for most small businesses as their work directly depends on engaging with as many people as possible. In fact, the US has a reserve of $370 million for small business loans and that’s only part of the $2 trillion stimulus package they released. This is exactly what will help businesses continue where they left off once the pandemic is over. 

Another piece of good news is that Google is joining the cause. They are giving away credits that you can use for your Google Ads account. If you’re eligible, a notification will automatically show up in your account and you can use it to boost your marketing and eCommerce in these troubling times.

4. Big brands are showing their humane side

Even though this situation has been bad for the world, there are some silver linings. Big brands are using this time to take on more social responsibility and show the world they can count on them. Crocs donated 10 thousand pairs of shoes every day to healthcare workers because they know how comfortable and easy to disinfect their shoes are. This helped thousands of workers stay safe while fighting for human lives.

JanSport donated thousands of packs of food to the World Central Kitchen so students who lost their meals due to schools closing don’t stay hungry. Smaller companies are offering their services for free to encourage people to stay at home. 3pl in Australia is booming as companies who feel overwhelmed by the current situation have somewhere safe to turn to for advice.

Whatever the industry, you can be sure that it’s finding a way to contribute to the world in need right now. Your company doesn’t have to be any different, regardless of if it’s looking for help or offering it.

5. Audiences are still engaged

Because so many countries are on lockdown right now, audience activity is at its highest for many brands. Whether it’s posting content regularly or simply posting words of encouragement, people feel less alone because there are people looking out for them online.

This is a hit for digital marketing, as most brands are shifting focus from offline marketing and reaping the benefits of social media and the internet. If you want to increase audience engagement in these times and encourage more people to stay home, we suggest you go with visual content. Research has shown people respond better to visuals and they’ll definitely have something interesting to interact with this way. Perhaps this is the perfect time to start your own video series on your most popular social media platform.


As you can see, the coronavirus is definitely changing the world as we know it. Advertising, marketing, and eCommerce won’t be the same after this, but this is the least of our concerns. Now is the time to come together and make sure everyone is safe. As well as that, it’s time to take on some social responsibility and help in any way you can. We’re confident the world will come out of this stronger than ever because all industries will do their best to put the interests of the many forward and make the most out of a bad situation.

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