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Most Common Challenges with Video Marketing and Their Solutions

Most Common Challenges with Video Marketing and Their Solutions

Everyone on the video marketing scene knows how challenging it can be to manage video campaigns. Things can go south really fast which is why you have to up your game by getting familiar with the terrain (if you’re new around this block), or taking on newer responsibilities (even as an oldie!). we don’t want to cost our companies money that can be saved up, do we? 

This article provides a quick run through of common challenges and solutions to them.

Writing a good script is not all fun and games

I know how your writing skills are dope, and you would place only the very best writers above yourself- if you were asked to pull out a random ranking. But might I put it to you, that if you haven’t been writing scripts, you would need a professional scriptwriter to review it? And no, this does not in any way undermine your writing skills- it’s just that the fact a scene unfolds in a very lovely way on paper does not mean it would make for a catchy video scene. It just doesn’t work that way, and a professional scriptwriter would know what to leave in, and what to let go of!

How Much Money Have You Got?

Let me give a practical example: say you have three jobs, and one of them pays you the least. The rational thing to do would be to prioritize the ones that pay you more, over one that pays you so little- except, of course, you’re getting some other benefits from this low-paying job. 

It, therefore, follows, that if you are working with a video company on a significantly lower budget than the general market price, they might not take your job as a priority, as they perhaps have other clients working with them, that have negotiated higher pay packages with them. 

What’s worse, the quality of video production might end up being very low! (and complaining would be like sounding a false alarm- because you got what you paid for!).

The solution is to seek out only proposals that fit into your company’s budget without compromising much on quality. If this means sticking to the higher limit price in your budget or even going above it a little bit, it just might be the best way to get the quality of videos you desire. 

How Much Time Have You Got? 

You might work in an industry in which time is of the essence, and so, you want to flip a magic wand and expect answers to come in the form of a quality video. Not so, darling; quality videos take time to be produced, edited and retouched. 

If you’re looking for a marketing video, that’d be completed within 8-10 days; comprising concept development, fashioning out a script, developing a storyboard, conducting video shoots, editing and re-edits; you’re going to have an epic fail! Videos that are produced in very short time spans by most video production companies, end up flopping because the resources to do so within short time intervals are just not there. 

The solution here is to allow for ample time for this entire process to come into fruition. Don’t rush it. One good way to space out your video marketing goals is to include them as the beginning of the year plans (and include it in your budget as well!) 

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