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10 Powerful Tips to Boost Your E-commerce Campaign

E-commerce, the fastest growing sector of modern times, demands special attention. Who would not want to buy their favorite items in just one click rather than visiting the traditional physical stores providing limited options? This is the power of convenience provided by online retail to its customers.

A wide variety of products from highly renowned brands stacked up price-wise to fulfill all your needs is what makes E-commerce websites so alluring. Plus, you don’t need to roam around to find what you need. All of it is at your fingertips and a mere scroll would open up the biggest assortment of products.

A huge number of E-commerce setups exist today, but only a few of them are able to do what it takes to appeal to the consumers. This has made the competition brutal. In order to get a competitive advantage, it is crucial to market the site well.

How to boost the e-commerce site’s marketing campaign efficacy?

So, what are the best ways to boost up your E-commerce campaign? How about the ones we tell you today? You never know what might change your story.

  • Blogger, blogger, blog away: There are thousands of E-commerce websites selling similar products. So, what makes yours superior to theirs? Try bringing in the concept of blogs on your E-commerce website. Blogs are the stylish way of putting the most normal of details.

An introduction of your product in a subtle way is essential to make a mark on the potential consumer’s mind. Once that is done, he will visit your website again and again to make similar purchases. This is a clever way of accumulating loyal returning customers.

An example would be – if you are selling gym equipment, try incorporating an article as to why exercising is important. Providing such useful information will have the prospects coming back for more. This inbound marketing strategy will eventually elevate the sales figure.

  • The importance of improving your traffic – E-commerce websites struggle a lot as even when they sell top-notch products, their sales remain low. The catch here is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here, the chief goal is to do in-depth research to add on appropriate keywords on your website to achieve better rankings in the SERP. You need to make sure you are focussing on the right keywords to target potential customers. For this, you may use tools like the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Google keyword planner

Since you are more reachable than your competitors, there’ll be a natural jump in the traffic and also in your transactions.

  • The magic of Automated marketing campaigns –A potential consumer will not wake up one day and know about your E-commerce website. You will have to implant the idea into his mind, of visiting your E-commerce store through tailored and personalized marketing techniques. One such time saving and equally, an efficient technique is the automated marketing strategy through e-mails or social media.

Millennials, for whom social media is the life and blood for survival, will definitely show interest if the content is appealing.

  • Loyal customers are the key: Even the most promising of business ventures fail as they shift their attention towards acquiring a new consumer base. While doing so, they tend to forget about the already existing consumers, the ones who buy your product frequently.

Customer loyalty

It is important that they continue to feel valued with your business. For instance, you may provide them with some incentives or exclusive discount codes every time they buy something. And soon they will become the reason behind your website’s impressive success.

  • Let the customer trust your website: Why would anyone shop from a website which appears shady or is not secure? Cybercrime is not a new phenomenon, to ensure that your website keeps login and transactional information safe and handles consumers’ demands efficiently. Once the consumers start finding your website trustworthy, better toplines would follow quickly.
  • A catchy video is all it takes: It is easy to grasp facts through videos. Make a video showcasing the product, its usage in your everyday lives and the benefits attached to it. Use vibrant colors with some popular musical tunes and witness the magic.

Consumers adore videos on popular platforms such as YouTube. They especially love those videos which give them all essential details about the product they are willing to buy.

  • Add photos to complement user testimonials: A recommendation with no face and name seems shady at first glance. If there are consumers who love using your product and you have their testimonials, try adding their face and description alongside the reviews.

Such a strategy works just like a storybook. A storybook is all fun to read because of the vivid and lively pictures in it. Prospective consumers will connect more with the reviews if photos are added and end up buying the products on your E-commerce website.

Such a methodology works best with cosmetic products say, some acne removal cream. A before-and-after photo of the consumer, who used the product, would compel the prospective consumer to believe in the declarations made by you about your product.

However, sometimes, using too many pictures can make the website bulky to load. This can be solved by reducing the file size of your pictures by using tools like TinyPNG.

  • Don’t forget to highlight your bestselling item(s): You would be having one or more products which are your bestsellers. Add a note to your website displaying those items at all times. If you can come up with some attractive captions or descriptions of those products, the prospective consumers might immediately become interested in them.

Presentation is what matters. Invest some time and demonstrate the finest of yours and end up being the King of E-commerce platform.

  • Promote your business well during the holiday season: Holidays are the time when people engage in shopping even more. Amazon’s Great Indian Festival during the festival of Diwali is a major example of this. It is always a great hit because Amazon knows that consumers would prefer buying stuff sitting comfortably at home than entering into jam-packed physical stores.

Amazon great india festival

Also, during holidays, consumers tend to spend extravagantly. So, start working on promotional offers months before the upcoming holiday season and give your sales figure a boost.

  • Create a sense of rush to boost sales numbers: Confusing? A look at human psychology will help explain. Consumers end up buying products that have some sort of limit attached to them.

For instance, try adding ‘limited pieces left’ on the footwear product of yours. Or, write ‘few more hours left for the sale’ in bold letters on your website and see how people get excited to purchase the products available.

This is the millennial theory of Fear of Missing Out or FOMO as no one wants to lag behind and miss the best things available out there.

Successful E-commerce websites use this technique and reach their zenith. Often, to make the most out of it, entities hire experienced digital marketing agencies, for they know the intricacies of this business better.

To conclude

Stating tips are one thing, but implementing them is another. Your business needs your personal touch and a dash of passion to flourish. Merely stacking up quality products on your website will not lead to any fruitful result. Businesses require time to flourish. They require well-thought-out tactics. Your E-commerce website will not top the charts in a day but it sure will fail in a day, if due attention is not paid.

If you still believe that your website has the potential to defeat that of your competitors’, read these ways to boost your E-commerce campaign as mentioned above thoroughly and start planning. Remember the saying, Rome was not built in a day? Keep that in mind and proceed. Your successful E-commerce website is not far away.

Article written by peterdavidson.

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