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Professional Lawn Care Software Features

Professional Lawn Care Software Features

Many years ago nobody even heard of software for lawn care business. Business people had to jot everything down using notebooks and pens or pencils. They also used old maps, calculators, and inconvenient way of cooperation with clients. There were many missed calls, unreplied messages, a waste of time due to traffic jams or not exact geolocations, and, as a result, financial losses.

Today one might apply lawn software to control everything in the distance. No more need to lose customers and be blind when running a private business.

Features to Enjoy Having Cool Lawn Care Software

There is an excellent choice of well-developed loan software. The list of the software in 2019 that choose business owners:

  • Jobber
  • WorkWave
  • RazorSync
  • DoTimely
  • ManageMart

What is unique about them? Good lawn software streamlines all tasks, increases income, and guarantees success. Such software is a perfect tool for those who need to supervise employees, orders, finances, and other things. Each of them lets the user get everything ready for a job, operate the process, and systematize the result thanks to several features.

GPS Tracking

It is rather complicated to download a million apps to monitor the situation. One must receive the order, find the address, insert it in Google Maps, choose the best route, and select a performer. After that, a manager should inform an employee about the details. Finally, everything is settled. The procedure will consume much time even if there is a team that shares responsibilities.

GPS navigator is an installed or cloud-based part of any lawn care routing software. Its purpose is not only to show the way to customer’s apartments but also find the shortest route. Due to that, one saves petrol and precious minutes. The system is able even to mirror traffic situation so that a driver could avoid traffic jams.

One more benefit of this feature is that each member of the staff is tracked. There is no problem to see where the car is at the moment and how much time is left to the destination. Each order is spread before the eyes. Nobody can cheat and lie. An executor is not able to find some lame excuses for being late.

GPS tracking lets a customer know exactly the time and day the service will come and do what is required. It provides real-time information. Consequently, nobody gets irritated or calls ten times distributing negative emotions or, what’s even worse, turning to another company.

Accounting and Billing

The main goal of business is to bring income. Is it possible when the payment system fails? Keeping everything in head or copybook is not a solution. This app synchronizes devices and other apps.

One of the most popular apps for business accounting is lawn care software QuickBooks. It lets a person see the amount of money spent on purchasing and provide regular salaries for the staff. A user can connect QuickBooks and bank cards to the software. This will give a chance to:

  • systematize everything
  • supervise up-to-date records
  • receive a report about cash flow
  • calculate expenses and profits

The system is useful for both online and ordinary purchases. An individual can regulate regular and random payments. For example, buying petrol and paying salaries belong to regular spendings. Fixing broken equipment and accidents (damage of a client’s property, task failed because of car or tool malfunction, etc.) belong to irregular ones.

Success is contingent on a good income. It depends on clients who are to be satisfied with the service. It’s real when everything functions correctly and on time.

Dispatching and Scheduling

Schedules are essential to everyone who is a true professional and doesn’t like to waste time. Proper scheduling helps to attract new customers and not to lose regular ones.

Lawn care and landscaping software do the following:

  1. Reminds about duties
  2. Sends notifications
  3. Informs about changes
  4. Modernizes functions
  5. Improves forms

Pilots use autopilots because they perfectly model the flight. The board computer knows the route and is never tired. The software makes the same with business scheduling. The application absorbs tasks and automatizes them.

Things never go smoothly. Installed calendar updates tasks, provides best schedules, and perfect solution in case of force majeure. For example, an employee feels unwell and needs a substitute. The feature quickly finds a person who is free at that moment and replaces him or her.

No more need to carry a notebook full of notes which are sometimes difficult to systematize. It is especially challenging when several customers try to order the service simultaneously. One starts writing very quickly confusing addresses and making total mass.

Here business people can set recurring tasks in advance. Soon they become automatic and repeat every day, week, month, and even year if it’s necessary.

The interface of the app is user-friendly. Navigation is simple. There is a drag-and-drop function that is a perfect assistant in editing.

Staff Control

Many users can have access to one best lawn care software. Each of them can enter the app using personal login. Of course, 100% control remains in the hands of the chief user (owner). Only he or she is capable of deciding what options other users are allowed to perform. Each click is registered so that the boss might track a person’s activity.

The app assists in the creation of each employee’s profile. It contains a number of performed and appointed tasks, contact data, availability, working schedule, etc.

The crew uses the system to check their calendar assignments, find the route to a client’s apartment, inform about changes, confirm an order or reject it in case of force majeure, report about performed tasks, take notes concerning customers’ wishes and preferences or problematic points.

Due to this feature, the crew is sorted regarding their job function. GPS tracks its location. Absolute control is guaranteed.

Customer Support

Each business owner should know how to get lawn care customers or get  lawn business for sale. Regular customers guarantee a stable income, and newcomers can soon join them. If the service is supreme, everyone will share it on social media, making it trendy.

The app collects full data about customers and sorts it. The main advantage is that another customer response is not required. This feature allows not only to create new profiles but also to set bonuses and discounts.

Each customer’s portfolio is well-structured and could comprise:

  • Photo and name
  • Phone number, email, geolocation, address
  • Preferred payment options including credit card or account
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Transaction and payment history
  • Date and duties to be performed
  • Invoices and estimates

In case a person has contacts in Google or Microsoft Outlook, he or she could import them in the app. There’s no problem to change details or cancel profile editing.

It’s so convenient to have profiles. One knows exactly what a client wants without irritating reasking. In case of somebody complaints, the app will model quick solution basing on previous experience.


Lawn care billing software demands high-quality equipment. Clients should know that the company has the best tools to take care of their lawns. That is why it is necessary to update them regularly. One can fill in the names and brands of the required equipment. Calendar reminders will tell precisely when it is time to do shopping. For trees, the local tree experts is a good option.

After that, select the shop, buy everything needed, and mention the prices. The app will synchronize the data showing total expenses. It is required to choose a person who will be responsible for checking its utilization.

One can also add pictures, characteristics, and time for the next check or update. Another good idea is to add vendors who can correct current prices.


Excellent lawn software supplies its user with regular reports. They are different. The most popular reports are “Profit and Loss,” “Taxes,” “Current and Finished Tasks,” “Employee’s Responsibilities and Reports.” A business owner always knows what is going on in the company and can provide improvements or corrections anytime.

All features are interrelated. A person might run things having only one app. Control guarantees success — no more need to spend sleepless nights trying not to miss a customer’s call or message. Cool software will do all job scheduling each order and reporting about it.

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