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Impact of AI on SEO: Go Ahead or Fall Behind

Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in SEO, which ultimately gets the effects of AI on digital marketing as well. And since, it has become quite challenging to rank a website or blog on the first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization is a results-based business. The development of AI and its influence on a variety of industries has created a buzz. The SEO AI is yet in its beginning stages, but the future of AI in digital marketing is anticipated as it will even dominate the development of inbound marketing strategies for both B2C and B2B platforms.

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How is AI Affecting SEO?

AI is machine learning, which is affecting SEO by modifying and stimulating the users’ behavior on the website and thoroughly scanning the content published on it. You can take it as when someone visits the website and leave it in just a matter of seconds; it shows that the content didn’t seem appealing to the user and it didn’t fulfill the search query properly.


In today’s world, AI is assumed to be functioning as a human being, while not entirely, but somewhere near it.

Take Sofia, a woman robot manufactured by HANSON Robotics, for example, she does her daily work as a human being, and she has even got Saudi citizenship. Hard to digest? But this is how Artificial Intelligence is influencing every industry. 

1. More Focus on Content Quality

RankBrain, Google’s main algorithm that uses machine learning to track the most relevant results to queries. It tries to determine the context of content published on the website because the intent involved in the search query is more important than its demand. Therefore, finding the right keywords and adding them in your content in a natural way is paramount.

It means prioritizing and adding value to the searcher’s query and not to stuff keywords just for the sake of ranking high in SERPs. Focus on features like context, relevance, and appeal.

Before the evolution of AI, search engines were not that smart in understanding the context of a user searching queries including stop words like ‘the’ and ‘without’ which describe the context of searches. However, with RankBrain, machine learning became smarter, and Google Search is producing way better, precise and relevant results for its users by being able to understand the intent of searcher in queries. So, without RankBrain, Google’s page ranking algorithm is incomplete, as it adds value to searches, links and original content.

With RankBrain and artificial intelligence, every content should address its readers and their needs, because the content is created for users, not the machine.

2. Real-Time Data with Added Value

Receiving something exactly when you most need it is valuable, whether it is stock market stats, news updates, or the latest fashion items. So, here, you will understand the part of Google when you’ll get answers to your queries as soon as you search them.

The role of AI in digital marketing is that it has made receiving information in real-time. Take a fitness smartwatch, for example; it can tailor your workouts according to the data you have fed it, such as miles run, weight and blood pressure. Therefore, optimizing your content can boost the speed and efficiency of your website in SERPs.

3. Black Hat SEO Won’t Be Useful Any Longer

In easy words, Black Hat SEO can be explained as it tries to take advantage of the weaknesses present in search engine algorithms to achieve high ranks for websites using these techniques. But eventually, with development, the demand for SEO strategies has increased, which focuses on relevant content to prevent black hat SEO coming in their way, meaning to end keyword stuffing.

Fortunately, these techniques don’t work anymore, but this doesn’t stop some optimizers from exploiting the algorithms by using synonyms of the words used as anchor text. As AI search signals are getting smarter, they are getting more proficient in processing natural language, identifying and then filtering spam. Still, there are a considerable number of irrelevant links available on the web. They are promoted through promotional stuff, press releases, emails, and webpages.

However, as soon as Google finds and realizes they are irrelevant, it penalizes them. For example, if your website’s content is about fashion, but it includes a lot of backlinks from a vehicle inspection website, for RankBrain they are irrelevant to your industry and it may seriously affect your ranking.

4. More Importance Given to Voice Search

The culture of a search engine is changing according to the needs of consumers. In the present time, everyone is in a rush and using different gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. to get information is getting stressful by typing the queries.

Google voice search

Every advancement is shaping the future of AI in digital marketing. Now, as many people are using voice search, others are becoming highly accustomed to his idea. People even type occasionally, but speaking to your computer devices and receiving information online is getting more and more convenient. This is the primary reason why long-tail keywords are getting popular.

Virtual assistants like Google Assistance, Cortana, Siri, and Alexa can reply to our questions quickly. This is all because of the virtues of Artificial Intelligence.

Final Words

Search engines have and will continue to evolve. As consumer demands change, search engines will have to become more flexible and smart to meet their needs. Consequently, the demand for digital marketers, content strategists, and writers will continue to rise than ever before and you won’t be able to use keywords in a blog post that do not fulfill a well thought out marketing strategy.

Luckily, many challenges that come along trying to anticipate how content will do in search can be balanced by using AI-based tools and strategies. Furthermore, comprehensive strategies using machine learning, automation and AI can be used to ensure every aspect of digital marketing works best to improve search rankings.

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