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How to Increase your Conversion Rates With Coupon Marketing Strategy

You must know that conversion rate optimization (CRO) remains the “#1” objective for any online business or digital advertiser. With regards to CRO, you would be thinking about call to action (CTA) placement, lead forms and landing page optimizations. In any case, here’s the test… Do these conversion streamlining strategies ensure the traffic of new clients to your site? Well… the answer is NO!

The greater test is that these strategies alone will never enable you to hold your current clients with the goal that they stay loyal and keep on returning. In case you are seriously considering increasing conversion rates this year then you have to add coupons to your CRO strategies.

Why? Because 91% of customers lean toward returning to a retail site whenever offered a coupon. What’s more, consumers with coupons shop 24% more than ordinary customers. This implies adding coupons to your CRO strategies can quickly lift up your conversions. Yet, utilizing coupons to support your conversions isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Why coupons can build your online business?

There’s no online business today that does not utilize any coupons and deals in selling on the web. So everything descends to your conversion channel. Most web-based businesses initially begin with their e-commerce business by burning through cash on Google or social advertisements to get paid leads into their store.

Using money on creating paid traffic eats into your income agonizingly, particularly when you realize that ~50-70% of leads may bounce far from your site and never return. You are losing a lot of funds this way. That is the reason coupons are so well known and broadly utilized in e-commerce business sites: to keep online customers loyal and drive them down the conversion pipe to make a buy (and return once more). Basically, coupons work to transform your prospect customers.

Benefits of Using Coupons to Fuel Conversions

  1. Create More Traffic – Coupons attract online customers. Indeed, 85% of shoppers effectively search for coupons before purchasing an item. So advancing your coupons on coupon and survey websites can help you tap into a huge pool of web traffic.
  2. Acquire New Customers – Coupons make for the most ideal approach to attract new clients to your business. Actually, 81% of online buyers lean toward purchasing from brands that offer coupons focused on their preferred products. When a new client visits your site, you can transform them into special guest by offering them coupons and deals.
  3. Increase Brand Awareness – 59% of buyers visit a brand when they get coupons. What’s more, 91% of buyers think about a brand when offered a coupon. In this way, you can build positive brand recognition and review an incentive by adding a coupon strategy to your marketing effort. Keep in mind, the better your brand awareness, the more will be your conversion rate.
  4. Enhance Brand Image – Coupons can right away enhance your image. Keep in mind, 91% of customers think about coupons as a significant motivation to return to or visit a site. Furthermore, promoting yourself through coupons can help you get potential clients and construct brand value.
  5. Introducing New Products – Let’s face it, it’s hard to make shoppers to try new things. This happens significantly because of the cost of the product or the customer’s behavior. In any case, by offering coupons and discounts for such items, you can introduce such items to your intended customers. You’ll be amazed to know that 86% of customers buy new items right away whenever offered on coupons.

How coupons Increase Conversion Rates

Here is how an effective coupon marketing strategy helps you boost your conversion rates without much effort.

  • Think About Your Target Audience

First of all – you’ll have to think about whom you’re going to focus on with your coupon promotion. Will it be for the new clients or the existing ones?

In case you’re wanting to target existing clients you’ll have to think about their favorite products and carefully create a customized campaign to coordinate their product preferences. However, in case you plan on targeting new clients then you will have to set up a special discount through your coupons. Keep in mind, 80% of customers are prepared to switch brands whenever offered an energizing deal. Remember to offer follow-up discounts and coupons to existing and new clients both, to retain them.

  • Deciding what to Offer

At this point, you definitely realize that various clients have diverse purchasing preferences, and it bodes well to offer them coupons dependent on their requirements and preferences. Yet, the sheer variety of coupon advertising can easily lead to a general complexity destroying your effective coupon marketing efforts. This implies you should be exceptionally cautious while picking the best kind of coupons so as to attract the most customers.

Keep in mind… Carefully selecting and designing a coupon for your purchasers can spell the contrast between a decent conversion rate and an awful one.

  • How to Offer Coupons

Now that you know whom to target and what to offer through your coupon campaign, it’s time to make a plan about how you will offer the coupons. How would you boost the benefits of your coupon marketing in order to increase traffic and huge amounts of conversion rates? By distributing your coupons on Online Coupon Directories because 96% of purchasers visit online coupon indexes to search for discounts before purchasing something.

Distributing your coupons on online coupon websites will enable you to connect with potential purchasers who are searching for affordable bargains for the product/services you’re selling. You can likewise share your coupons on social networking platforms or through email advertising. Remember, purchasers love to share coupons with their families, friends, and colleagues.  This is free brand promotion, better brand image, positive social appraisal, great ROI and higher conversion rates.

  • Analyzing the Performance of your Coupon

Finally, it is time to think about the performance of your coupon and to understand whether or not it’s boosting your conversion rates. First, you need to record and analyze the traffic to your website. This will enable you to understand if your coupon is performing well to pull in customers from competitors. Watch out for ‘False Positives’ or it can point you off course.

Rather, cautiously monitor all the conversion channels and watch out for any significant information. This will enable you to maintain a strategic distance from any odds of failure. Finally, keep repeating the process until you have reached the desired outcome. Tracking, monitoring and streamlining your coupon marketing strategy will go far in guaranteeing high conversions.


Remembering these tips can help you effectively use coupon marketing to expand your conversion rate and transform guests into long-term customers. Make guests feel special, offer the correct coupon on the correct page and at the correct time, collect email addresses, create a sense of urgency and always follow up to keep the customers returning!

Article written by EmmaThomas.

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